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This page lists tasks that need to be done. Some of the tasks listed below may be out-dated and no longer suitable for the site. So please let us know of what tasks may interest you before you begin work on them. If you have any questions about a certain task, please ask on the talk page.

Inclusion of an article, project or concept on this page does not necessarily mean that it is acceptable for the site. Content still has to be evaluated for suitability on the site. During evaluation content may be partially or wholly edited or removed.


High priority

Topics listed here are of high importance and their reasons for importance are mentioned below:

  1. Suicide Bombing in Islam - add additional evidence from [1].
    Importance: This topic is discussed very often.
  2. The Ramadan Pole Paradox - Rewrite into a normal and serious article, getting rid of the Q&A format. This is an old article that covers a very important issue. Unfortunately it's age is showing. It's style would no longer be acceptable for new articles created on the site.
  3. Check all contributions by User:Lemming to the Muslim Statistics series (especially his additions to the science page).


  1. Mistranslated Qur'anic Verses - A complete rewrite. Should resemble Misinterpreted Qur'anic Verses once finished.
  2. Add more references for the statements made in Diacritical Marks of the Qur'an.
  3. Qur'an and the Big Bang - add additional refutation for example Arabic analysis of verse 51:46 (check [2] for Muslim arguments)
  4. Quran and Semen Production - evaluate text at: WikiIslam:Sandbox/Saved Texts. Arguments need to be made generic and not specific for a certain website (as seen here). Also add medical references if possible to support claims.
    Note: All text checked and added.
  5. Scientific_Errors_in_the_Qur'an :

Jihad and Violence

  1. Add the information here to the relevant stats and punishment pages
  2. Jyllands-Posten Muhammad Cartoons Controversy - See talk page
  3. Armenian Genocide
  4. Muhammad's Raids and Battles
  5. The Genocide of Banu Qurayza - rewrite to improve tone, style and accuracy
  6. Discussions message mentions that a hadith link (Jihad is perpetual) is not working anymore on the USC MSA website. It is book 14, # 2526 but that page now has hadiths for book 13 [4]. It used The USC website should be contacted or a replacement should be found. For example 2526 is found 14 here
  7. Ghazwa-e-hind - add section about the history of the conflict.
  8. Khawarij - basic info and sources. Analyze the claim that "Islamic terrorists are khawarij".


  1. Honor Related Violence - rewrite and cover all texts and arguments that encourage it. Interesting links: [5], [6]
  2. Add info on marital rape to Rape. e.g. [7]. Gather relevant hadiths or fatwas (wife must have sex or angels will curse her, etc)
  3. Polygamy in Islam - Needs a complete rewrite to adhere to our policies and guidelines. Include information from the ScienceDaily article on the talk page
  4. Add any possible victims from [8] to : Honor Killing Index
  5. Rape - Add stuff from Talk:Rape in Islam to Rape in Islam, for (1) the meaning of 'right hand' and (2) deal with Hirabah in a Responses to Apologetics section. See the talk page for details.
  6. Aisha and Puberty - Add some of the info from here
  7. Muhammad's Companions and Pedophilia - add section about Fatima's marriage to Ali, aged 9-11
  8. Merge content from Refutation of Modern Apologetics Against Aisha's Age into Responses to Apologetics: Muhammad and Aisha, and delete/redirect the first article so we have one article on the topic.
  9. List of Muhammads Wives and Concubines - source the statements individually so they are easy to cross-check. If possible, find multiple sources for key statements.

Quran, Hadith and Scholars

  1. Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars:Women - Many of the quotes are obscure. This is not necessary since there are much more authoritative texts available (Qur'an, sahih hadith, etc.,) that make the exact same points. Find these and replace quotes.
  2. Talk:Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars - Add quotes to relevant pages and/or create new QHS pages
  3. Read through all the Jami` at-Tirmidhi, Sunan an-Nasa'i and Sunan Ibn Majah hadith found here. Add to relevant QHS page and "Revelational Circumstances of the Qur'an" pages.
  4. Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars:Islamic Silliness - Possible additions [9]
  5. Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars:Wives and Concubines of Muhammad - Add all the tabari quotes
  6. Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars:Muhammad and Warmongering has more sources concerning the Banu Qurayza than our Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars:Banu Qurayza page. The QHS page for Banu Qurayza should be the page that contains all available sources concerning them, while the sub-section in "Muhammad the Warmonger" should only be a summary of sources with our "main article" template added.
  7. Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars:Sexuality - Add more hadiths relating to sex or sexual issues in this life and afterlife (virgins, sexual power of men in heaven etc).
  8. Qur'an,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Aisha#Fatwas - Add additional hadiths linked in Fatwa box [10]. So "See 12, 13, 14" on our page ... should all be added on the page. Also add additional thighing evidence from [11] - fatwa 41409
  9. Attitudes of the Imams and leaders - big collection of quotes. Find sources then add the suitable quotes to QHS. Avoid unimportant leaders of small (usually Western) mosques and obscure 'extremists' such as Anjem Choudary, Abu Hamza or Omar Bakri.
  10. WikiIslam:Sandbox/Temporary Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars page has many interesting links to Arabic quotes by scholars. Theses need to be translated and inserted in the Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars pages.


  1. Zamzam Well - add info about the fairy tale how it all started and how Islam got it wrong from the Bible look at this video
  2. WikiIslam:Sandbox/Lowest Point on Earth Miracle - finish this and move out of sandbox
  3. Category:Random Templates - expand to include new articles
  4. Persecution of Bahais in Iran - completely rewrite and move to Bahá'í Faith. All faiths and worldviews face persecution in Muslim countries, so one should not be given undue weight over the other. Since they are an offshoot of Islam and accept the Qur'an and Muhammad as part of their faith, this article should focus only on the criticism of the Bahai Faith (see here, here, and here for some ideas).
  5. Justice - rewrite. Remove all references to the Bible or Judaism.
  6. Amputation in Islam - rewrite. Remove all qhs quotes and make separate sections covering all countries that do amputations.
  7. Sahih Bukhari - add what people said about bukhari and history of editing this book. watch this
  8. Contradictions in the Hadith‎ - Add more contradictions
  9. Muslim Statistics (Rituals and Festivals) - add stats [12][13].
  10. Islamic Antisemitism - Add a section about how Jews are described as animals in the Qur'an and Hadith.
  11. See: Talk:Persecution of Ex-Muslims (Bangladesh)
  12. Uṣūl al-fiqh - show what this "science" is about. Criticism of sources of fiqh: Quran, sunnah and consensus of scholars..
  13. Complete unfinished news pages by adding news from the relevant time periods (July 2012, November 2012 & December 2012)
  14. See: Talk:Honor Related Violence (Pakistan)
  15. See: Talk:Islam and Freedom of Speech (Links)
  16. See: Talk:Muslim Statistics
  17. Muslim Conspiracy Theories - This claim ([14], [15]) about Michael Jackson's death (the theory in general) may deserve its own section. Check the net to see how widespread it is.
  18. Islam and Freedom of Speech - Keeping the basic article there, create separate pages for the "In the Modern World" sections (e.g. Muhammad Cartoons Controversy, Nigeria and the Miss World Pageant etc.), adding/updating with extra information where needed
  19. Islam and Freedom of Speech - Add section on recent Pakistani Blasphemy cases and murders
  20. Allah the Polytheist - Responses by D335, Shapur II, Anthony Rogers, and Sam Shamoun to Osama Abdallah's apologetics can be found here. Try to somehow incorporate all the info into the article. If this is not possible, then create a "Responses to Apologetics" section.
  21. Quotations on Islam from Notable Muslims - More quotes are needed.
  22. Punishments - Ideally each type of punishment should have a general article and a QHS page, together with its own hub page. For example the content from Amputation should be moved to another title, e.g. Amputation in Islam, freeing that page to serve as a "hub". Then the the QHS quotes should be moved to Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars:Amputation. After this is done, the Amputation in Islam page should be expanded to include information that is gained from the quotes and to respond to the dishonest apologetics etc.
  23. Literature on Islam - Similar to the "Notable Former Muslims" task. Create pages for each linked book.
  24. Notable Former Muslims - Just as much "new content" as it is an Expansion/Improvement. Create short but concise informational stubs on each notable former Muslim to replace the out-going links we have in that page at the moment. Who they are and brief info on their apostasy. The information for this should already be available in the existing links which can serve as an "External Link" in the new pages.
  25. Funding of Islam, & Rule of Islamic law; articles are incomplete and may need to be rewritten.
  26. Update Muhammad and the Violation of the Qur'an and add if needed from the new part 2
  27. Adult Suckling - Completely rewrite. misses out some stuff (workplace, 5 times etc), see :[16] and research other sites too.
  28. Check if hadith pages are back on the CMJE site and then restore if they are ([17])
  29. Replace Broken link fixes for old usc MSA website --> Link search (gives error after 500 links, total links: 1000) - Use text search and replace beginning part of URL with new URL
  30. See: Talk:Quotations on Islam from Notable Non-Muslims
  31. Ahmadiyya - add criticism of how they continue to be apologists for mainstream Islam by passing off distinctly Ahmadiyya beliefs as Islamic ones, e.g.: [18], [19]
  32. WikiIslam:Sandbox/Teachings of Islam compared to US Laws and the Constitution: Re-do article, take out questions and opinions. Compare the US constitution to teachings of Islam. Compare in a table, side by side.
  33. Review the proposed additions to articles listed here, categorised by article. Saggy (talk) 03:42, 15 August 2014 (PDT)
  34. Fill the tables and add references in WikiIslam:Sandbox/Diversity_in_Islam about controversial teachings common in most Islamic sects.
  35. Ahmadiyya books like this book contain factual errors, ad hominem arguments on Meccans, false/fabricated hadiths, and possibly false verses. Expose and refute them all, or major ones, in an article.

Difficult/Lengthy tasks

  1. Islamic Inventions? How Islamic Inventors Did Not Change The World - redesign so it looks like our Muslim Statistics pages. Analysis of each invention may need to be expanded upon. Also improve tone for the article, changing phrases such as "would no doubt have Muhammad rolling in his grave.", or "were the real brains that introduced chess to the idiotic West 400 years later", therefore make the language more neutral and mild.
  2. Fix all quotes for Islam Undressed
  3. Parallelism Between the Qur'an and Judeo-Christian Scriptures - reformat and fix references
  4. - add everything from here, if sources can be attributed
  5. Rewrite Black Stone.
  6. Create more articles critical of Shia Islam and Sufism, or provide sources here using which articles can be improved/created. Eg. Shia hadith, w:Sufi texts etc. (Sources: [20], [21]). Explore aspects of Shia and Sufi beliefs and practices which are in disagreement with mainstream Islam and show how they ignore aspects of mainstream Islam. Find any comments from Muslims and Muslim scholars (calling them apostates, heretics etc) as well notable/relevant non-Muslims who are critical of Shias and Sufis.

Create Content

  1. WikiIslam:Sandbox/Pre-Islamic Arabia - Arab history before Islam, what Islam changed.
  2. Ali - Expand the article on Ali, exposing his violence.
  3. Sana Manuscript - Expand the article on the Sanaa manuscript fragments.
  4. Find a way to contact the blog owner of The Skeptic Mind and ask if select posts can be imported as essays.
  5. Cannibalism in Islam - probably similar to Necrophilia in Islam. Prominent scholars like Qurtubi liked it. and Khaled ibn Walid also. And Al-Azhar also likes it.
  6. Responses to Apologetics: Apostasy in Islam - Similar to this page: Responses to Apologetics: Muhammad and Aisha‎
  7. Muhammad's Physical Appearance - An article describing his appearance according to Islamic sources. Could also create a related QHS page. Interesting links: [22], [23], [24]
  8. Responses to Apologetics: Muslim Terrorism - Similar to this page: Responses to Apologetics: Muhammad and Aisha‎
  9. Import all of Bin Laden's letters and transcripts: [25]. Once completed, create links to his hub page.
  10. Responses to Apologetics: Slavery and Racism - Similar to this page: Responses to Apologetics: Muhammad and Aisha‎
  11. Tawheed, there is already a page Monotheism, but they are not synonymous. In Tawheed, god is the only authority, therefore democracy is haram, because in democracy the "haakimyya" (authority) belongs to the people and not to god. And stuff like that... basically everything that is not Islam is shirk and against tawheed. Scholars> Muhammad al Maqdisi, Maududi.
  12. Muhammad's reputation - before Islam he was known as trustworthy according to Muslim sources, but we don't have non-muslim sources. Sirat Rasul Allah contains other absurd stories, obvious myths, that try to prove Muhammad is legit. "Ameen" means trustworthy, but it could be just a name, just like his mom was named Amina.
  13. Muhammad vs David Koresh - A side by side comparison in a table format (interesting links: [26])
  14. Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America - Interesting links: [27], [28]. link translations via a hub page (AMJA)
  15. Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars:Dhul-Qarnayn - see: [29] & [30]
  16. Create page for Ad Verecundiam, then add to hub page.
  17. Import the various Muslim Brotherhood manifestos for our library.
  18. Made Victorious Through Terror - links: [31],
  19. Quran Identifies the Sex of the Worker Ant - links: [32], [33], [34],
  20. Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars:72 Virgins - Gather all sources from 72 Virgins and related pages
  21. Breastfeeding in the Qur'an - links: [35], [36], [37]
  22. Islamophobic Muslims - a page that gives a brief narrative of the neologisms creation and lists Muslims who would fall under the label, thus showing how ridiculous and/or misapplied the term is. ([38], [39], [40], [41], [42], [43]) Maybe also add a section about Shi'ites and Sunnis who constantly demonise each other and who should also fall under this label. Also a section on Muslims who espouse the exact same views of Islam which critics/"Islamophobes" claim about Islam. ([44], [45], [46], [47], [48]), [49], [50], [51]. Muslims claiming they are all "Osama" or "terrorists":[52], [53], [54], [55]
  23. Abdul Azeez ibn Baaz - mainly to cover the "flat earth" incident. Interesting links: [56], [57], [58]
  24. Internet Jihad - Article covering the Islamic phenomena of Internet Jihad. Muslim hacking of internet websites, death threats to internet critics, the tracking down and murder of critics etc. and the fact that Muslims openly discuss hacking sites and do not see this illegal activity conflicting with their faith. Useful links: [59], [60], [61], [62], [63], [64], [65], [66] (2016: [67])
  25. The Extremist Majority: What a Billion Muslims Really Think - See WikiIslam:Tasks/Article_Notes#The Extremist Majority: What a Billion Muslims Really Think
  26. Converts to the Nation of Islam - Article listing famous converts to "Islam" who are actually converts to the Nation of Islam (orthodox Muslims hate them and none consider their members to be "Muslims"... except for propaganda purposes)
  27. Muslim Desecration of Other Scriptures - See WikiIslam:Tasks/Article_Notes#Muslim_Desecration_of_Other_Scriptures
  28. Tupac Shakur (Conversion to Islam) - an article refuting a claim made by some Muslims of Tupac converting to Islam
  29. Munafiq (Hypocrites in Islam) - From our Glossary of Islamic Terms "A munafiq is a hypocrite. In particular, this term applies to apostates who hides their apostasy, and peaceful Muslims who refuse to participate in jihad. This is made clear in Q.4.150-151. See also 4.66 , 4.74, and 4.88." For more help and ideas, see: [68], [69], and [70]
  30. Reported Incidents of Violent Islamic Punishments - Once finished, link to Punishments hub page
  31. Top 10 Absurd Arguments Used to Defend Islam - inspiration for article [71], When Muslims shout "Allah Akbar!" during persecution of non-Muslims it's really in support of the persecuted [72], Aisha was not really the pre-pubescent daughter of Abu Bakr, but his adult sister [73], When Allah says to beat your wives he really means to send them away [74], Yemeni passenger who stormed cockpit shouting 'Allahu Akbar' may have been looking for toilet[75], Qur'an talks about (white) raisins, not virgins [76]. Once complete, link to Top 10 Lists under "Main Articles"
  32. Create article on Muhammad's wives (call it: Muhammad and his Wives) based on the Sources. This article would talk about all the controversial stuff that happened between Muhammad and his wives. Full quotes for hadiths/verses do not have to be given. For references just use the hadith/verse numbers. Link the Sources page at the end in See Also and that will be enough as sources. It would have separate sections for the important wives (Aisha, Safiyah etc) and a combined section for other wives where there's not enough material to warrant a separate section. We have several wife related articles and we'll link those at the end. This is another "overall" article serving as the starting point for all other wife related stuff.
  33. Article for violent punishments in Islam: stoning, publish lashings, amputation of hands and feet. Combine all issues into one article. Start out with what Islamic sources say. Record any public incidents. Related hadiths are found here. Related links and sources: (news: [77]), gold medalist who stole flag, flogging video
  34. Article: "Islamic ban on pork" (or better title): Article that discusses the uselessness of the Islamic ban on pork. For that, it should talk about diseases in other kinds of uncooked meat, any harms or benefits of different kinds of cooked or uncooked meat. Also look at pork eating non-Muslim countries and compare public health to health in Muslim countries. Interesting links: [78],
  35. Muhammad's Parents - sources that point out Abdullah died 4 years before Aminah gave birth to him. Compile into other 'shocking facts', including How he wasnt a Muslim before 40 (prophethood), his parents weren't Muslims (and are in hell)[79][80], and the other things said by Younas Shaikh for which he was jailed for blasphemy. Useful links: [81][82]
  36. Conditions surrounding Muhammad - explore the environment under which Islam developed. This means surrounding areas before and during the life of Muhammad. This will give us some explanation of why Muhammad said and did the things he did. What were the norms back then? Violence, misogyny, etc?
  37. Thighing - article listing the hadiths and anything else to do with the topic. Links: [83]
  38. Surah like it Challenge - add the contents of نشيد إخناتون and get together other people who have submitted Surah's like it (ie
  39. Article on how actions of today are the results of Islam, such as here (turning kidnapped women into wives)
  40. Create article from table List of Wars lead by Muhammad
  41. Maryam - An article discussing the Islamic Mary. include the points mentioned on Islam and the People of the Book - The Virgin Mary
  42. Female Circumcision. Some useful links: Fatwa with various hadith, Fatwa that says FGM is Islamic and not an Inherited custom, Islam Q&A search for "female circumcision", Statistics regarding FGM, Answering Islam page, and Clitoridectomy; Wikipedia; The Age and Islam. See also the responses to the usual lies or distortions used by Muslim apologists here and here.
  43. Early Islam and Modern Islamic Extremism - table can show a side by side comparison of the two (beheadings, assassinations, discrimination against women, hostility towards non-Muslims, harsh punishments). Taliban and extremist/terrorist groups and fundamentalist imams/preachers can be compared. Compare teachings also and quotes from scholars and Muhammad, also side by side.
  44. Create Flogging and Beheading articles. Be sure to follow the format used in our Amputation, Stoning and Crucifixion articles. Once finished, link to Punishments hub page
  45. Genesis According to Islam - write a narrative of the Islamic Creation story using the sources found here: Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars:Creation. Useful summary and links:[84], [85]. Then discuss the modern-day implications for women, etc. Once complete, add to the Creation hub page
  46. Islam and the Golden Rule
  47. Article Muslim - who is a true Muslim: one who follows Islam's beliefs and practices as they were in the days of Muhammad. The closest they follow that, the more true a Muslim they are.
  48. Music and its Health Benefits and link short summary from Islam and Science: collection of different anti-music teachings of Islam from hadiths, scholars and fatwas. Also include Benefits of listening to and playing music, if any, proven in scientific research and studies (lower stress, creativity etc): Music 'Tones the Brain,' Improves Learning, Palliative Care Patients Benefit from Unique Music Therapy Project, Science Has Even More Reasons That Your Kids Should Learn Music, Why Music Moves Us, also: [86], [87], long article, [88], [89].
  49. Islam and Sexuality: summaries of topics for articles about: pedophilia, homosexuality, bestiality, houri etc
  50. Criticism of Islam (essay) - Brief introduction for types of criticism and the pros/cons of each. Suggestions on how to approach criticism and things to avoid
  51. "Did you know" random content boxes, or pages listing interesting facts, quotations and stuff from other pages (e.g. things from Kalachakra Tantra and so on). Random content however has the problem that its not active for our site unless specific pages are excluded from caching. However stand alone "Did you know" pages can be made.
  52. Detailed article for Inheritance Laws, (currently a redirect) should deal with Muslim rebuttals such as [90], [91] etc. Also see comments here
  53. The Better Quran - copy content from (TheRationalizer)
  54. Beheadings in Historic and Contemporary Islam - Create article in tabular format like list of Killings but only mention incidents in which beheadings were done under the orders of Muhammad and by his historic and modern followers. Compile all historic incidents of beheadings during Muhammad's time, after his death (caliphs and emperors for example). Also summarize incidents of beheadings that have appeared in the Media in the modern world. Examples of historic incidents (see List of Killings for any information): (1) Ibn Hisham, Ibn Ishaq, Alfred Guillaume (translator), The life of Muhammad: a translation of Isḥāq’s Sīrat rasūl Allāh, pp. 755-756. Footnote says: The apostle ordered Uthman to cut his head off. (this incident is about the death of Al-Harith) (2) Banu Qurayza. A lot of sources will need to be scanned.


  1. Possible article? Quran and the Mein Kampf (PDF of Mein Kampf). Google search for Mein Kampf and quran for example "Winston Churchill Compares "Mein Kampf"
  2. Raisins or Virgins? - needs its own page to attempt to dispel this lie that's propagated. Copy/paste relevant verses, translations of the relevant words with commentaries, quote all notable people who have used the false translation (Irshad Manji, etc). Repeat info from 72 virgins as needed.
  3. Investigate 1001 Inventions and expand the response article. Wikipedia article. Find any available specific claims of inventions (you may not find all of them). Article can be similar to How Islamic Inventors Did Not Change The World.

Multi-Article Tasks

  • FFI Forum post import project
  • People Who Left Islam - Add ex-muslim testimonies from * here. One is on that page and the others are linked on the right. These people will have to be individually contacted (if contact information is available) and asked for permission. Once you have permission, proceed as follows: create their page from the form. Fill out the form with as much information as you can get from their testimony or website/blog. Contact them to ask for missing information. [* check for testimony This person] may also be an ex-muslim. You'll have to leave a comment in their blog and ask them to email you for something important. When they email you back, only then mention that it would be great if they could write a short testimony of them leaving Islam.
  • Hadith exporing project: We will collect all the hadiths that exist which we can collect and gain access to and start going through them to find whatever is useful for the QHS page series (Qur'an, Hadith and Scholars:Islamic Silliness and so on). Likely a lot many hadiths will be found and new pages can be created for new categories if needed.
  • For all translations, include existing Russian translations in the "See also section" and remove the text "For additional languages see the section at the left". This way all languages are present in one location. RU wiki links (such as [[ru:72 девственницы]]) can stay as they are so there's an additional RU link on the left.

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  • Template:External link - check for extra commas during certain parameter conditions (for example if only author is used, or if author and date is used)

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Other periodic tasks:

  • Checking Recent Changes and reverting vandalism and removing spam (usually not frequent)
  • Archiving external links. If they are not active, you may need to retrieve an archived version from The Wayback Machine or find an alternative.
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  • Quran/Qur'an inconsistency. We should use only one form. Qur'an is closer to the Arabic original, but that's all. I'd rather use Quran, because that is more natural for English and the articles are in English. People who don't speak Arabic have no idea what the ' means anyway, so why write it? And people who speak Arabic they know without any confusion, that Quran is قرآن. So the ' is not helping anyone. And Arabic also doesn't care when transliterating English words. Arabic doesn't have P and is not ashamed to use B instead (without any weird constructions trying to "emulate" P). So why should English be so submissive and use strange contructions (which no one understands anyway) to get closer to Arabic original? Also Qur'an is still wrong, because 1) the Eglish q is read as k, 2) The "a" is not long as in Arabic. 3) It's missing al- prefix. So a really precise would be something like al-'qur'aan. I suggest to change all occurrences of Qur'an to Quran and set it as a rule.
  • Delete redirects from Category:Temporary Redirect as needed
  • Check external links: A program called Xenu can be installed to automatically check external links on the whole website. View this short 30 second video to see how it works. It can be used to scan only one page, or the whole WikiIslam website. URL patterns can be excluded or included. It will show which URL's are not working and it will also show the pages where the broken URLs were found.
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Former Muslim Updates

1. Clean all individual pages for grammar, spelling or formatting issues. Take care of categories.

2. If it's interesting but there's less than 300 words in the testimony, move it here:

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