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Signing comments on talk pages, both for the article and non-article namespaces, is good practice, and facilitates discussion by helping identify the author of a particular comment.

Signing Posts

Editors can sign their own posts by:

  1. Clicking the signature button in the edit toolbar (Wiki-sign-button.gif), or
  2. Typing 4 tildas (~~~~) manually.

This will produce a signature and timestamp automatically.

Other Users

In the case of another user not signing their comments, the "unsigned" template should be used and the editor should be politely reminded to insert their own signatures in the future.

To insert a signature for a user who may have forgot to sign, type: {{subst:unsigned|###|###}}

The first parameter is the username or IP address of the editor. The second parameter is optional and contains the time and date of the edit (this information can be copied from the edit history).

Occasional forgetfulness is understandable but if certain editors continually ignore requests to sign their comments, any new comments by them should be reverted and a discussion should be initiated on their user talk page.

Customized Signatures

Customized signatures must include at least one direct internal link to the editor's user page, user talk page, or contributions page; this allows other editors easy access to their talk page and contributions log.

Signatures can be customized with a nickname or with custom formatting, or both, in the following way:

  1. Click on Preferences
  2. In the Signature field, type in a nickname and/or the HTML code for the desired output. Customizing signature this way makes it possible to include links to user pages, talk pages and contributions pages.
  3. In the preferences panel, make sure Treat signature as wikitext (without an automatic link) is checked.
  4. Save the preferences

Now when the signature button or the 4 tildas(~) is used, the formatted signature will appear automatically in place of the standard signature.

Sample Signatures

Here are a few example signatures and their codes:

  1. Ahmad talk contribs
       Use code: [[User:Ahmad|<font size="3.5" color="green" face="Adobe Garamond Pro, Garamond, Georgia, Times New Roman">Ahmad</font>]] <sup>[[User_talk:Ahmad|<font color="red">talk</font>]]</sup> <small>[[Special:Contributions/Ahmad|<font color="black">contribs</font>]]</small>
  2. Amina Talk
       Use code: [[User:Amina|Amina]] <sup> [[User talk:Amina|Talk]]</sup>
  3. AhmadAO Talk
       Use code: <b>[[User:Ahmad|<font color="#330066">Ahmad</font><font color="#FF3333">AO</font>]] [[User talk:Ahmad|<font color="#483D8B"><sup>Talk</sup></font>]]</b>
  4. Amina (talk . contribs)
       Use code: [[User:Amina|Amina]] {{small2|([[User_talk:Amina|talk]] . [[Special:Contributions/Amina|contribs]])}}

Use of Images

Images should not be used in signatures as this may cause unnecessary server load. A suitable alternative is the use of Unicode characters. For example, & #9807; produces: ♏. A list of Wingding codes equivalents for Unicode characters can be found here, and a full list of Unicode characters can be found here and here.

Misleading Signatures

The following types of signatures are not permitted because they may be misleading in a way that disrupts the project:

  • Signatures that impersonate other people or another editor.
  • Signatures that give the impression that the account has permissions which it does not have, for example by containing the terms "administrator", "bureaucrat", "editor", "checkuser", "oversight", or similar terms like "admin", "sysop" or "moderator".
  • Signatures which could be easily misunderstood to refer to a "bot" (which is used to identify bot accounts) or a "script" (which alludes to automated editing processes), unless the account is of that type.
  • Signatures including phrases such as "wikiislam" that give the incorrect impression that the account may be officially affiliated with WikiIslam or one of its projects.
  • Signatures which resemble IP addresses (as these are expected to designate non-logged-in users), timestamps or other names which would be confusing within the WikiIslam signature format.

Disruptive or Offensive Signatures

The following types of signatures are not permitted because they are disruptive or offensive:

  • Signatures that blink, scroll, or otherwise cause inconvenience to or annoy other editors.
  • Signatures that include large or small fonts or excessive use of superscript or subscript.
  • Signatures that contain contentious material about living persons, or those that are offensive towards any race, religion or social groups.
  • Signatures that are likely to offend other contributors, making harmonious editing difficult or impossible, for example by containing profanities.
  • Signatures that contain or imply personal attacks.
  • Signatures that seem intended to provoke emotional reaction ("trolling").
  • Signatures that otherwise show a clear intent to disrupt WikiIslam.

Note that signatures that are inappropriate in another language, or that represent an inappropriate name with misspellings and substitutions, or do so indirectly or by implication, are still considered inappropriate.

Promotional Signatures

The following types of signatures are not permitted because they are considered promotional:

  • Signatures that unambiguously consist of a name of a company, group, institution or product (e.g. AhmadsWidgets,, CairoMuseumofAntiquities).
  • Signatures that include email addresses and URLs (such as "[email protected]" and "") to promote a web page and do not simply identify a person.
  • Signatures that support political issues (e.g. SupportIsrael, FreeGaza, NotoImmigration).

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