Humood bin Uqla Ash-Shu'aibi

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Shaykh Humood bin Uqla Ash-Shu'aibi (1925-2002) was an Islamic cleric. There are numerous trans-literations his name like Humood bin Uqla Ash-Shu'aibi, Hamood ibn 'Abdullaah ash-Shu'aybee, Hammood bin `Abdullah bin Uqla ash-Shu`aybee,[1] Hamoud bin ‘Aqlaa’ah Al-Shu’aybee, among many others.

Ash-Shu'aibi is notable for having cast doubts on the September 11 attacks as one carried out by Muslims. In a fatwa, he has also condemned the United States for its un-belief in Islam and sins, as he put it.[2]

He was a teacher of Abdul-Azeez ibn Abdullaah Aal ash-Shaikh,[3] but later efforts were made to downplay his understanding of Islamic studies and make statements such as he was "not from the major scholars."[4]

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