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Leif Abd al Haqq Kielan (born June 22, 1941) is a Swedish Muslim cleric. He is an Imam at the mosque in Eskilstuna and at the Islamic Association in Stockholm. He is also chairman of the Swedish Islamic Society and permanent secretary of the Swedish Islamic Academy. Prior to his conversion to Islam, his name was Leif Karlsson.

In a 2004 interview when asked, "What do you feel about a woman’s right to her own social life outside the home? Kielan answered,

"It’s doubtful. If a woman wants to visit her Muslim women friends than that’s OK, but if the man says no then no means no [...] Her role is not primarily to please the man, although she should wear fine clothes under the rather drab outer coverings. The woman should take care of the family in every way apart from providing for it. That is the man’s responsibility. Islamic marriage is not based on love. How can you fall in love when a woman always lowers her gaze when she meets a man? Men and women cannot assess each other sexually either. A woman is not entitled to marry on her own initiative, it is her father, her brother or another male relative who decides who she should marry, but love can often arise within a marriage."[1]

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