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Please note: Many of the very problematic issues and views within Islam and its history are often rejected or subject to widely varying knowledge and opinions (if any) by Muslim cultures and many people who identify as Muslim today
Prophet Muhammad

Meeting of Fresh and Salt Water in the Qur'an

Klamath river estuary.jpg

Muslim apologists claim that Surah 25:53 of the Qur’an is scientifically accurate. They conclude that since the process was unknown to humankind during the time of Muhammad, this verse (and the Qur’an as a whole) is revealed by Allah. This article will prove the verse in question is scientifically wrong. Also it will prove that a layman could make a better guess than the allegedly divine author of the Qur'an. In summary, we will: briefly introduce you to a real river-estuary-ocean system, make logical deductions based on the verse and see how far only common sense can take us, explain what the verse claims on the meeting of fresh and salt water, explain what elementary science tells us about the process, explain what modern science tells us about the process, show you how apologists "prove" this “scientific miracle”, and state our analysis on the “scientific miracle”. (read more)

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