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(Not suitable as front page link. Not up to date, some demonstrably incorrect things, lack of anything for balance (eg charitable giving) paints people who are Muslim in entirely negative way)
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*[[Translations of Arabic/Islamic Media]]
*[[Translations of Arabic/Islamic Media]]
*[[Muslim Statistics]]
*[[The Islamic Ruling on Music and Singing]]
*[[The Islamic Ruling on Music and Singing]]
*[[Join the Caravan]]  
*[[Join the Caravan]]  

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Hans Raj Hans' Alleged Conversion to Islam

Hans Raj Hans.jpg

The claim of Hans Raj Hans' conversion to Islam is the product of an inaccurate media story originating from a February 19, 2014 interview with the singer conducted by a local news agency in Pakistan. Hans Raj Hans, Navraj Hans and Yuvraj Hans have all made public statements concerning the story's inaccuracy, stating in no uncertain terms that it is false. The singer did not convert from Sikhism to Islam and is not a Muslim.

Hans makes no secret of his respect for Islam, Sufi saints or Pakistan. This is not surprising considering his style of music or the fact that Pakistan houses the first Gurdwara (Sikh worship place) ever built. Just as his respect for Pakistan does not make him a Pakistani, respecting Islam does not make Hans Raj a Muslim. It does however make it easier to proliferate false stories concerning both. (read more)

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