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From al-Jazeera Talk Forum: "My Beloved Brothers, Today We Have Received the Happy News About the Operation in Sweden"

Translated from the original Arabic by Al Mutarjim

A user who calls himself 'Abd-al-Jabbar posted the following announcement on December 13, 2010 about the attempted Islamic suicide bombing in Stockholm on December 11, 2010. This user considers the attempted attack a success despite being thwarted by the authorities, because it caused "widespread pain and panic" among non-Muslims in Sweden. The user renews the threat made against Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks, which was made by the Islamic State of Iraq in 2007 and was apparently the motivating factor for this attempted attack. Al-Jazeera has allowed this user and apparently many others like him (there were nearly 50 responses on this thread when it was last checked) to make calls for violence and terrorism with impunity.

God is the greatest! God is the greatest! The perpetrator of the martyrdom attack in Sweden says that the Islamic State [i.e. of Iraq] fulfilled its promise -- the men of Abu-'Umar [al-Baghdadi] have arrived.

Peace be upon you, and may the mercy and blessings of God be upon you. My beloved brothers, today we have received the happy news about the operation in Sweden. It has been called a failure, but the only failure was in their hearts and minds [i.e. of the infidels]. It has caused widespread pain and panic, and prompted the denunciation of political and religious leaders, while the devout Muslims rejoice. [Literally 'people of tawhid' or oneness, referring to devout Muslims who believe in one God and don't associate him with others.]

The brother who carried out this act, may God have mercy on him, left a will to all the Muslims and mujahideen in Europe and specifically in Sweden, in which he tells them that they must wake up and act, even if with only a knife, though it is already known that they possess far more than that. He also warned the West and Sweden specifically that the operation was revenge for the crimes of the Americans and their ally Sweden, who participated with 500 infidel soldiers [i.e. in the Iraq war].

Just like our martyr brother, as we regard him, will not be forgotten, so too we remind Sweden that his act was not but the carrying out of a promise made by the Islamic State (of Iraq). Therefore he and others in Sweden are willing to take revenge for the Muslims, remembering the crime of the dog Lars Vilks and his petty cartoons about the Prophet (PBUH) that demeaned the Islamic State (of Iraq). The Islamic State (of Iraq) promised a monetary reward for whoever cuts off his head or slits his throat, as the leader of men in our day, Shaykh Abu-'Umar al-Baghdadi, God have mercy on him, mentioned in his audio message, which frightened Sweden at the time. The martyr said... [Goes on to quote from al-Baghdadi and the Sweden bomber at length.] [...]