Trees, Tomatoes and Bronchi Saying Shahadah

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Miracle Claim

The following article has been posted on several Islamic websites:

The branches of the trees lining a path distributed in the shape of declaration of the Islamic creed in the Arabic language that affirms the Oneness of Allah(swt) and the Prophethood of Muhammad(saaw)."

It reads: 'La ilaha Illahau Muhammad-ur-Rasulullah' There is no deity but Allah(swt) and Muhammad(saaw) is the Messenger of Allah(swt).

This is said to be a scene on a piece of cultivated farmland in Germany. Many Germans have been said to have embraced Islam upon seeing this miraculous sight and that the German government put steel fences around that part of the farm to prevent people from visiting and witnessing this miraculous site.


None of these sites give you the address of this location and there are no other pictures taken of these trees from any other angles. This is due to the fact that the picture is actually an oil based painting on canvas painted by Dr. Sayed Al-Khudari from Egypt.[1] Pay attention to the top right corner where you can even see the wrinkles of the canvas since it is not stretched properly.

The entire oil based painting by Dr. Sayed Al-Khudari from Egypt.

When you view the oil based painting in its entirety, you will notice on the left there is another row of trees that reads, "Muhammad Rasul Allah" (Muhammad is the messenger of Allah). This sentence in Arabic is much more elaborate and would likely make the reader suspect forgery; maybe that is why most Islamic sites just content themselves with the right side of the picture?

Isn't it foolish to assume that this is how Allah wants to send messages to people, especially in Germany where most people cannot read Arabic?

The claim that German authorities prevented people from seeing these trees is clearly false. Seeing how many Muslims become overly violent over trivial issues, such as cartoons, they would not have remained silent if these trees had really existed and if German authorities had stopped Muslims from viewing them.

If this were a deliberate message from Allah, then one could wonder why he would choose to play these kinds of childish games. A quick Google search reveals that some Muslims, even to this very day, use this as an example of Islam's validity.


Miracle Claim

According to The Mirror (a UK newspaper, June 12, 1997), more than 100 Muslims had flocked to a young girls home to view a sliced tomato in her fridge that allegedly contained the words of the Shahadah in it.


This is one of the more extreme cases of pareidolia and wishful thinking, thus does not need a written response in order to disprove its claims. View the picture for yourself and see if you can read "La Illaha Illa Alla" and "Muhammad Rasul Allah" in these tomato slices. Because, try as we might, we have not been able to find it.

Similarly, it was reported by the UK press that another family from the town found 'Praise Allah' written inside an aubergine (egg plant), and a rock from Ben Nevis which has been engraved with 'Allah' by the wind and rain is kept in a mosque in Burnley, Lancs.

These things are not miracles. They are simply flukes. In nature, different patterns form in different objects. Arabic letters, unlike Latin characters, are very simple and graceful in form, meaning with a little bit of imagination one can find them naturally occurring everywhere.

Additionally, how would those who claim this is a sign from Allah explain the existence of tomatoes which contain the Christian sign of the Cross?

The above image was posted in June 2012 by the Popular Egyptian Islamic Association (supporters of Muslim Brotherhood’s then presidential candidate, Mohammad Morsi) on its Facebook page. The writing in the image tells Muslims not to eat tomatoes, claiming that they are a Christian "vegetable" that praise the Cross and believe in the Trinity.


Miracle Claim

The following image has been posted on several Islamic websites. It is claimed to be a medical drawing supposedly of human air tubes and it reads the Islamic Shahadah.


This is a forged drawing. The drawings below are the real shape of the human bronchus, and there is no Shahadah there.

Have a look at the pictures of the human air tubes in any book of anatomy and see if you can find anything resembling the forged drawing above. You would think it hard for anyone to believe that this drawing actually represents the real human air tubes. However, this hoax has been very effective among Muslims.

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