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These comments are primarily taken from testimonies which were too short for their own page. Former Muslim can add their testimonies of leaving Islam via the submission form.


Former Muslims Who Are Male

I left Islam after being skeptical for years. I did thorough research and had discussion with countless religious people and listened to many lectures by noble muslim preachers, and ironically still doing so. I just can't live with thinking that it is okay to see others as people with less rights than me, even in the claimed "after-life". I could never see any religion anything more than a system of thoughts that was laid down by a great thinker and evolved from previous philosophies. As long as my brain is on, I won't give up to myths.
Tareq Sharafy, 24, Israel, now an agnostic
I was born and raised within obedient muslim family; Internet helps me sharpen my skeptical thinking with the knowledge of logical fallacies, the discovery of the flaws in the belief system. I have completed "Tabayyun" (introspect) and intellectual jihad calls against senseless unethical practices, lies and deceptions. So I recalled my faith for the fact that the Alquran is corrupted! That I also realized, shouldn't any great messenger like Nabi Rasshol Mohammed write Alkoran himself while he had the opportunity to learn to write? It's 66X6 verses in about 7300 days on his duty (20 years of chances); Average humans learn to write and read in 2-4 years, but nabi rashol did not even try, nor Allah told him; Instead of pencil and paper, he's only authentic tools as a messenger was the swords used in 52 annual bloody wars. The Idiosyncrasy-Lamentation still effects in societies until today.
Gon Candu, 29, Indonesia, now an atheist
When I came in touch with the sites,,,, I started to think differently. These sites helped me to find the gaps of all religion including Islam.
Fawad Ahmed, 23, Bangladesh, now an atheist
I left Islam because of my sister. She refused to accept a rival wife to share her husband. This was an eye-opener to me. Other factors which made me to hate Islam were the oppression of women and the killing of innocent people in south of Sudan in the name of Jihad.

I have written a novel which reveals the cruelty of Islam towards women. It is called: Intisar: A Story of a Muslim Girl.
Dr. A.A.Ahmed, Sudan, now a Christian
I was born and raise a Muslim. My father had no problem with delivering harsh beatings on me for making mistakes when he was teaching me the Quran. Naturally, I spent the first 14 years of my life thinking that this was the true religion, and that I would go to hell. I was always convinced that Islam was true due to the 'Quran miracle claims' which were all over the web, which satisfied me into thinking that I was definitely following the true religion, despite the fact that, being the fool I was at the time, I had not even bothered to READ the 'miracle claims'.

Ironically, it was Wikiislam that caused me to have doubts about my faith. I stumbled upon it while searching for information about my religion, and decided to 'have a look round'. I came across the page detailing scientific errors in the Quran. Being the naive person I was, I couldn't believe that the 'Holy' Quran would have scientific errors. I began investigating further into these errors, and I soon found that these WERE genuine errors, meaning that the Quran was indeed false. Therefore, I secretly declared myself an apostate, and became a supporter of Ali Sina, Richard Dawkins and the Council of Ex Muslims.

Ultimately, I am glad that I have left Islam, and am happy at the freedom I now have since leaving this religion. I would like to thank Wikiislam for providing me with the turning point in my life, and giving me the information I needed to leave this awful Religion.
Lord Demahom, 14, United Kingdom, now an agnostic
9/11 probably opened my eyes. I realized that Islam at its best couldn't re-invent itself or adapt to the changing world. I realized also, its the reason for all failures of Arabs and Muslims. Yet Islam is apologetic to every medieval notion, the way it treats women, other non-believers and religions, solving simple problems of life other than Halal/Haraam and just branding others as blasphemous. This religion goes against my mind and values, that is why I left it.
Zaheer Ahmad, 29, Pakistan, now a Catholic Christian
I was always questioning shariah law and several Islamic law toward women such in heritage, polygamy, full obedience toward husband, etc. But my clerics always said that it's only Allah knows what is real justice and fairness. Basically they said that I should not trust my conscience....

Then I was disturbed about some news about acid attacks to women in many Islamic countries just because they wanted to go to school, do not obey their parents or husband, I said enough is enough. I use google to find the answers and somehow I found this website. Everything becomes really clear to me that actually that's how the Muhammad's teaching. Violence towards women is actually part of Islamic way of life even during Muhammad's era. I opened my collection of Islamic literatures, surprisingly, they confirmed what is written in this website.

I was a shock revelation really. I feel cheated. After all these years of suffering just to find our that my religion is false...
Revelation, 50, now an atheist
I read the material in the debates section 2 of It was enough to see that Islam is not a divinely inspired religion. Since the Qur'an has been shown to contain errors of anatomy, geography, history, biology, astronomy, grammar, logic etc. it cannot be from God.

If there are so many errors it must be man-made. So if the Quran is man-made, then the whole Islamic religion is man-made. While I believe God could exist, He may also be just human mental construct. I do not know, so I am an Agnostic. I am open to further information to prove it one way or the other.

I found numerous Qur'an chapters (Surahs) to be extremely hateful and violent. Thus if being a Muslim means I cannot have friendships with Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists or Atheists, etc then I do not want Islam to imprison me. I love Muslims but I hate Islam.
Bread, China, now an agnostic
I used to be a devout Muslims, until I started reading the six Hadiths (Al-Kutub al-Sittah). As I read, I realized that sociopath could not be a Prophet of God. In most religions God is good, God wants love, God wants peace. The God of the Qur'an does not. He wants death, war, and hatred. I know this by what is written about Muhammad in the Hadiths and Qur'an.

Fight and kill the disbelievers, slay and are slain, kill and are killed, Fight those who do not believe until they all surrender, paying the protective tax in submission, Muslims, fight in Allah's Cause, Fight them until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah, So fight them until there is no more Fitnah, Fight the unbelievers around you, and let them find harshness in you.

Looking back this looked so normal to me, so necessary.
Mohammad, 26, Pakistan, now a Christian
I just used common sense to move away from religion. I was born in a Muslim family, hence I was a Muslim till I became an adult. Had I been born under any other religion, I would've been a follower of the same. And all my life I heard that Muslims would have the first right to heaven. That sounded very absurd to me and as my brain opened up i realized it was not my achievement of being born in a Muslim family that I had a birth right to heaven. Surely God cannot be so unfair. Furthermore, the history of Islam is full of bloodshed and war, and the Quran clearly allows jihad on one side and then says all humans are equal. Surely God could not reveal such hypocritical statements and I openly challenge the validity of the book. I am a God fearing human who believes every human is equal, be he/she from any religion, caste or creed. I freely choose not to follow Islam anymore as the concept is against my altruistic views on life, where a persons life and faith should be governed by his/her own free mind and logical reasoning. Not by the way of birth or what the ancestors have always believed in.
Arsalan Chatha, 24, Pakistan, now an agnostic
I left Islam. I always thought that Muhammad can not be God's messenger or a holy man! By looking at his personal affairs, especially with women, I can not follow a man who marries each woman he meets! Also the contradictions in the Quran and the way it was written - in a way that is so difficult to understand, made me believe that this is a man made religion . Also, Islam has NO tolerance for other belief systems, and the argument that Muslims are very lucky that they were born in Muslim countries got me convinced that Muslims are so closed-minded and forgot that there are many wonderful people on this planet who are not Muslims. I think Islam is the worst thing that happened to humanity. It pushes Muslim's backwards and that is why there is no single Muslim country is advanced or even civilized! Also on the question of prayer, they say if you do not pray 5 times a day you will be burned in hell for ever! I tried prayer of course when I was a Muslim, but I did not feel anything, I felt I am just exercising or in the Gym, I felt I am like a robot. No feeling at all. This is pure brainwashing. Now I am not sure if there is God or Not, the theory of evolution blew my mind and the fact that there are so many religions in the world and so many problems in the world made me believe that Man created God not the other way around.
Hussein, Egypt, now an agnostic
The reason I left Islam is mainly Islam's attitude toward free thinking. I mean, if Islam is a religion standing on a very solid ground, and that it is absolutely convincing and the righteous religion as it claims, then why threaten those who would think of leaving it and scare them with Hell and Fire and blah blah blah?!! It's like saying "I'm right, I know you would follow me, this is the only logical thing to do," and then two day later saying "Don't you EVER think of deserting me or I'll burn you IN HELL!" This is pathetic and stupid!

This is only one reason, not to mention wife-beating, degrading of women, and the many restraints and unneeded rules! And the reasons go on and on and on...

I'm now an atheist.
Mamduh (Prince of Egypt), Egypt, now an atheist
As for me, becoming just a servant of god is not something that can be proud of, but, having an ambition to be one of god's sons, is, the supreme pride for all creation on Earth and Sea. And for this, the majority of the Christians do have the same thoughts as me. You can't tell unless you tried it first and he or she has to be entitled for all the deeds in the day of the resurrection. The day what being so-called as the day where all men and women will rise and that day is the here after. Learning from my past experience there must be agencies that take fully responsibilities for all new apostates of Islam worldwide; especially in the Islamic countries. Not just only relying on the church or the temple or maybe perhaps the cathedral to perform such activities, as it is the place for worship and not for dealing with or battling problems. So as for this, I called upon all empowered men and women worldwide to take this movement and make this new idea to be practiced professionally as soon as possible.
Shamal, Malaysia, now a Christian
I was tired of living a lie - of pretending to be straight, of praying and reading the Quran in Arabic; a language I didn't understand. Tired of being offered bribes by my mother to pray, just so that SHE can go to heaven, tired of being part of a group of people who seem to be saying and doing things that even they don't fully understand; of being pressured to believe in things or explanations that just doesn't make any sense. I was just tired of being herded around like a flock of dumb sheep. While I respect the idea that religion might be good for some people, I don't think that religion is for everyone. In a lot of instances, religion seems to be the root cause for hatred, bigotry, war, and human atrocities. People can have their religion as long as they don't shove in my face,
Degheygh, Malaysia, now an atheist
I knew all along that Islam was not a religion of peace. In fact it is not a religion at all, but a cult inciting hatred and violence. Even at a very young age of just 10 or 12 years I could not understand the notion of having a personal god. We don't really need one, especially not a sadistic Allah!
Arshad Ahmed, India, now an atheist
I left because of the hate and intolerance. I wanted to marry a Christian woman, but my family didn't allow it. They tried to kill me because I didn't want to marry the woman they had chosen. I fled with my wife to the south, which is a war zone! We felt safe there??? irony. As I have grown, the changes that have happened in my country are built on hate. When in Kenya with my wife, which is where I live now, I had a chance to read the Koran myself what I found was shocking. The biggest was the falsehoods that had been told to me as a child about Christian and other belief systems, and the continual tread of any form of natural justice in this book such as forgiveness and understanding of others. I am now a happy person I have a educated confident wife and this is the first time i have been open about my conversion.
Sadamn Refos, Sudan, now a Christian
After actually getting around to reading the Qur'an in English (N.J.Dawood), realized what was in this book. I had tried to read other translations with Arabic text, but found it difficult due to the restrictions put upon the reader. To me it seems like parts of the Qur'an had been copied from the BIBLE and a lot of the chapters were just repeating the same message over and over again. I had of course gone through the whole process of learning about Islam and the do's and don’ts and had always tried to practice it but always was struggling as if I was forever carrying a great load on my back, as if I was in a prison. After I left I felt as if I had just been released from Prison.
Sinbad, India, now a Christian
The reasons of applying double standards, hypocrisy, bullying, aggression, uncritical analysis and phobia of all other religions and values are the start of a rather long list about why I left Islam. If I had regularly experienced the peace and tolerance Muslims claim are an important aspect of their religion, I probably would never have left- but I heard too many adults discussing the depravity of non-believers & Christians and the evil nature of Jews. And the Koran seems to be obsessed about non-believers, nearly more than any other issue. I couldn't take the hatred and dislike of 'others' anymore, so gradually struggled out of the suffocating embrace of Islam. And God, do I feel good. Additional comments: My advice to anyone contemplating leaving Islam; give yourself a secret non-Muslim name, to be used whenever you can without endangering yourself. It is quite liberating.
Lyalpuri, Pakistan, now a Christian
I don't see anything in Islam which makes sense to me.

I was born and have been raised in Muslim family, although we are pretty liberal Muslims. Leaving Islam still seems to be a big and a quite risky step. My parents will be disappointed in me. That is the only reason which I will keep my decision secret as long as my parents are alive.

Approximately two years ago I started to think critically about Islam. I began to read articles and books critical of Islam.

If one thinks critically and rationally about Islam one will see that Qur'an is a self made book. Besides, some of Mohammad's actions are not acceptable for a rational person who reckons human dignity and respect for fellow human which is most important.

If one doesn't consider Mohammad as a prophet and the Quran as a divine book, then there is not much to believe in. Therefore I left Islam and I believe in humanity.
Yama, Afghanistan, now a Humanist
I disagree with certain things:
  1. Cutting of hands
  2. Stoning to death
  3. Killing of non-Muslims is “jihad”
  4. Non-Muslims will not enter heaven
  5. How a man age of 50 can sleep with a 9 year old girl.
Get rid off Islam. It’s a religion of fear and sex
Akhtar Hussain, Pakistan, now a Christian
Well, I never understood what kind of an insecure God wants me to worship him 5 times a day, in a language I don’t speak, to a place called Makkah. Technically, its not even worship, because worship is voluntary. This God wants you to do it or else you burn up in hell.

I enjoy drinking and going out with girls, which, surprise surprise, Islam seems to have a problem with. I do not enjoy being told what to do and how to live, and the fact that Islam says a woman is worth half a man.

Islam is as flawed as all other religions, except Satanism, which isn’t really a religion - it basically says: Enjoy life and don’t waste it worshiping thin air.
§ting, Pakistan, now an atheist
I was never really into Islam much but when I was 12 years old I suddenly started questioning.

I started asking the anti-questions. How was God created if everything needs to be created and that was the start of my atheism.

Since that day no one has answered my question and I have remained a humble atheist.
Sabih Bob, Pakistan, now an atheist
What is Islam? How did I know it? The answer is I was born into a Muslim family. I used to believe in the Arabian Bedouins’ Fairy Tale “Quran”. I did not even know it well. When I was 16, I asked myself why Islam is so aggressive. Since then I started to read the Quran in English, I stopped trusting Muslims’ folk stories and the Qur'an. Later on, in April 2003, I found websites such as FFI. I found that the Qur'an is a textbook of terrorism, and Islam is always bloody. In April, 2003, my doubts about Islam came true. So, I am not a fool or stupid enough to believe the Fairy Tale “Quran” by not having read it. My suspicion about Islam began at the age of 16 and I left the religion of peace at the age of 21- I am really proud of this. I will show up here with my pen in near future. Additional comments: Watch out for pure Muslims. They would not mind to do Jihad on you guys.
Imran Hossain, Bangladesh, now a Humanist
Hello, I found your site a few weeks ago on the internet. I am impressed and really feel happy that you are trying to educate Muslims. I was born in a Muslim family and was a practicing Muslim until I read the Koran. When I read the Koran for the first time, I was terrified because of its threatening language. On the next Ramadan, I read the Koran again and finally discovered that it is nothing but a book used to confuse and terrify people so that they obey it and do not question.

I have been in the UK for last 5 years. This opportunity to live in a free society gave me a chance to analyze Islam without any influence of a Mullah. Obviously I do not say things against Islam openly as I know someone desperate to go to heaven, or someone desperate for having sex with 70 women in heaven will just kill me but however I always try to educate people who are willing to listen. I shall be grateful to you if you kindly give me permission to copy and reproduce some material from your site, not for publication but just to show it to a few Muslims who do not have access to the internet.

K A S, United Kingdom, current worldview unknown
Islam is pain, suffering, deception, wolf in sheep's clothing. It doesn't make sense, it never did! I think this explains why I've never had an interest in reciting the holy Quran since I was a child. I knew that someday I would come across this kind of site(the first one I know is FFI) and it has opened up my eyes and my mind entirely on the true face of Islam. Islam is truly based on second hand stories and not facts and reasons. So Muslims, wake up! Open your eyes. Realize that you have been indoctrinated by some crazy old Arab guy who was just crazy for lust and power.
Dhimmiologist, Malaysia, now an agnostic
Why I left Islam:
  1. Self-righteousness of the followers of Islam.
  2. The Muslim's belief in the superiority of Islam and hatred for others.
  3. Islam's cult-like expectation of unquestioning faith in its teachings.
  4. Lack of tolerance of Islam and its followers.
    Jay McAdam, Pakistan
Islam or I can say, all the world religions are just made up to rip people off. Religion is just a mind control drug to use and control people - and Islam is worse than all of them - after Hinduism, which I think is worse. Islam has its own evilness, from gender discrimination, inhuman punishments, unscientific, etc. In short, all the religions are basically the same fruit but with different colors.
Naxus, Pakistan, now an agnostic
I left Islam, the religion of my forefathers at the age of 17. I was born out of wedlock and throughout my growing up years, I heard that we will never go to heaven simply because of what our parents had done. I asked myself is it my fault? I don't blame my parents for doing what they had done..after I became a christian, my Muslim friends told me that I've created a big sin of which my mother will have to bear the sins that I've done. It's not her fault. It's my choice..
Dom, Singapore, now a Christian
I should say that I left religion in general. I came to realize how much humanity is suffering because of our reliance on supernatural power to help us, rather than taking our destiny in our own hands. Not believing in the supernatural has lifted a great burden off my shoulders and I feel a sense of freedom I never felt before.
Mohammad Reza, Iran, now a Humanist
I left Islam because I grew up with it, and I am totally aware of how nasty it is. Islam destroyed my country - Iran - about 1400 years ago as soon as they gained power. Muslims attacked us, raped our women and destroyed our culture and country because they wanted us to change our religion to their fucking shit, Islam. Many years later, in 1979, another Islamic regime took power in Iran. Again, they did exactly the same things. Later on, when I did more in-depth research about Islam, I found out that Mohammad was a terrorist himself; he killed and raped a lot of people! I even read somewhere that he was Gay! Look at his followers who are leaders in Iran - they are gay terrorists, a bunch of animals. We Iranians hate Islam. We have suffered at the hands of Islam throughout our history. That’s more than enough of Islam for us. We will remove all Islamic traces from our country as soon as we can get rid of our evil Islamic government.
Hadi, United Kingdom, now an atheist
It has been a long time, I am studying the characteristics of the countries and the people who have a religious government instead of a secular one. It has been obvious to me that in all the religions, beliefs and new modern adoptable conveniences, there are many obligations without any sold reasons and their consequences. Why should we follow some commands without any clarifications about them? I found that in the most of them, we can find many lessons that you can learn in order to live a better life and contribute to a better society. Most of these are common in different religions. The rest of the rules and commands are the way to hold the people under control; to obey the leaders; and, in this way, guarantee their societal coherence. I think that we must also respect religious people, because they believe in something that they can not prove, and we do not believe something that we can not accept to be present because there is no evidence of it. An apostate is also somebody who believes something.
Reza, Belgium, now an agnostic
My experience was that Islam is the most incompatible, intimidating and fearsome religion I have come to know. I was brought up as a Muslim and I denounced it as soon as I developed the confidence to question it. I hope that one day all humankind can transcend the barriers and chains that religion imposes, and I await with glee the day that Islam as a religion, has diminished to nothing but a distant memory - when our children of tomorrow can dismiss Islam as a religion of a bygone age.
Khalique, United Kingdom, now an atheist
There's nothing to be said: Islam is full of bullsh#t nonsense and there's no reasonable person, who can understand the stupid language of the Qur'an, that can bear to stay in such religion for more than 2 seconds. Also, the ethical behavior of the so-called Prophet of Islam "7amada" - he was a bastard who needed nothing more than SEX & Murdering. So, to hell with that ideology I would kill myself first.
Exhausted Mind, Egypt
To make a long story short, I was really put off by the cruelty in the Koran and I was also disgusted by the actions of the so called "prophet". Another thing that really shook my belief was this verse in the Koran (Qur'an 5:116 - And when Allah saith: O Jesus, son of Mary! Didst thou say unto mankind: Take me and my mother for two gods beside Allah ?). I knew the Christian trinity didn't include Jesus' mother, and when I asked why I was told to shut up. After being told over and over the Koran is perfect, I had proof it wasn't!

Another thing that turned me away was the Islamic concept of predestination. How can Allah destine me to go to hell and be sent to hell when I really couldn't help but me "bad". Is Allah really merciful who gives justice to all? The final straw was the contradictions on the Koran. I saw as many as three contradictions in just one verse! Is that what Muhammad called "perfect"?

There is more to my story but that is all I can remember from the top of my head.
The Happy Infidel, Somalia, now an atheist
Islam makes life worse. When you pray things become more agitating and also you lose valuable time. The belief of Islam is wicked and must be taken care of. I was betrayed by Allah and betrayal can only have one reaction.
The Corrupt, Turkey, now a Nihilist
I left because of the following reasons:
  1. Self contradiction in the Quran and Hadiths
  2. Inequality among women and men
  3. The issue of abrogation it seems the God of Muslims is not all knowing
  4. Unforgiving God
  5. Mohamed never set a good example
  6. God who justifies murder can't be true God
  7. Islam encourages enmity in this world

These are the main elements which led me to leave Islam totally.

God bless you all
Garane, Kenya, now a Christian
Life should be based on love and compassion and the golden rule, not on fear and childish superstitions. Islam, like most orthodox religions, is based on tribal myths and irrational thinking. It is not an epistemology for a modern evolved society or individual.

Being a gay man, I also reject Islam's vicious homophobia and bigotry. It condemns me to burn in hell without even trying to understand me.

I hope Islam disappears from the face of the earth like the cancer it is.
Naufal Yusufzai, Pakistan, now a Humanist
By birth and by Moroccan fascist Muslim law, I lived as a moderate Muslim all my life until I took the time to read the Quran - and be honest with myself. I was shocked to find out that the Qur'an (Mohamed's Mein Kampf! was full of nothing but repetitive garbage, hatred, lies, contradictions, luring and threatening verses. When I read stuff like: man (not woman) will get virgins and even good-looking boys in heaven, men may beat their wives if these refuse to obey them, when I found out that a 54 year old pedophilic Mohamed slept with an 8 year old Aisha, when I found out how Islam was actually spread (through violence, murder, rape etc to North Africa, Persia etc), and when I read about all the violence and techniques of torturing/killing non-Muslims, and the hatred the Quran preaches towards Jews, and the list is endless. I KNEW I WAS WORSHIPING A MAN/EVIL NAMED MUHAMMAD, BUT WHO WAS INTELLIGENT ENOUGH TO HAVE A GOD (ALLAH) SERVE HIM AND SERVE HIS CAUSE.

Mohamed "wrote" the Qur'an, he used Allah so that people fear him.

Islam does preach violence against non-Muslims: " Islam toslam": become Muslim and you'll be left alone. Islam's goal is to recreate an Islamic ummah like the one that Mohamed and his buddies started in the 7th century. THANK GOD IT STOPPED AT SPAIN!
Mohamed, United States, now an agnostic
I have always felt there is something wrong with Islam, ever since I was a little girl. I have never thought it right that a man should have four wives, I was traumatized by my circumcision. I was rebellious that my religion tells me that the moral police have rights over my body, with regards to being with men, what I chose to wear, and what beverage I prefer. When I decided enough was enough, I was outraged that I did not have rights to get a divorce, after years of mental abuse by my ex-husband. I am saddened by Muslims mentality with regards to women having to be obedient to their husbands, and vice versa is not expected of the husband. That women can only stand by and watch their husbands take two, or three other wives. I am saddened by Muslims' hypocrisy, and their tendency to interfere, and make judgments on another person. After researching Islam, and the prophet Muhammad's life, I realize that Islam is not for me.
L Omar, Malaysia, now a Buddhist
Well its a long story really and I don't know where to begin ,so to make a long story short. I started having seeds of doubt so to speak ever since I was born. After a long period of research; reading and personal experiences, I realized that Islam or the belief in it is completely irrational , illogical and just utter garbage. Keep in mind that I was raised according to Islamic traditions and customs, studied the Quran and hadith in elementary school right up until high school, and am also living in a 100% Islamic community. Nevertheless, I have manged somehow to resist all this brainwashing and think for my self for once. I haven't met anybody in my community who even has the slightest doubt in Islam to this very day and it really amazes me I cant figure out how they can still have solid faith and carry on I guess logic and reason is dead in this part of the world and religion ((any religion)) is truly the opinion of the masses.
Rational Khalid, Saudi Arabia, now a Nihilist
I was born and grew up in Islamic family. At the age of 15, I joined an Islamic preaching organization an after that I observed almost all of Islamic jihadi organizations working in Pakistan. I was a fundamentalist Muslim. First I started thinking about different sects of Islam, which one is right? I studied the Qur'an, the ahadith and Fiqh thoroughly. Then I realized that there is something wrong with my beliefs. I started studying other religions too; and I discussed religion with Islamic scholars, Muftis - as well as scholars of other religions too. It took more than a whole year of depression and fear, but finally I left religion. I am an Atheist now. Like all other apostates of Islam I can't express my beliefs and feelings openly, and I am facing a lot of hardships and difficulties. But I am proud to be an Atheist.
Zubair, Pakistan, now an atheist
I live and work in Malaysia and became a Muslim for the sole purpose of marrying a woman I loved who for obvious reasons could not marry me otherwise. She was well aware of my thoughts on the subject and the circumstances. My acceptance of Islam involved nothing more than saying the profession of faith and signing a piece of paper, no circumcision or religious instruction, I've never been in a mosque, as far as I'm concerned I left Islam the day I joined it. 3 years later I find myself in a Shariah court divorcing this lady and trying to figure out some way I can protect my 30 month old daughter from from being used as a pawn in this situation and having to suffer the damage that being bought up with this stifling religious nonsense inflicts, missing out on so much that life has to offer.
Sharky, Malaysia, now an agnostic
The concept of predestination in Islam is absurd. A person's destiny is already predetermined and cannot be changed. For example if Allah already determined a person end up in hell even though he/she did not commit much sin. But a sinful person can enter heaven if Allah choose so.
Aziz Yunus, Malaysia, now an atheist
On my own volition I converted to Islam in 1993. As a typical Muslim convert I became quite observant, I learned the Qur'an, spent a lot of time at the Masjid, started hanging out with some fellows from the Tabliq Jamat and at one point in enthusiasm for my new faith, I was ready to go to Bosnia to fight the Serbs. While studying the Hadiths and the biography of Muhammad, I came across some pretty shocking stories. Soon after I admitted to myself that it was impossible that a man with so little scruples could be a Prophet of God; so I left Islam soon after. I still have many Muslim friends and my wife is a Muslim of South Asian background. She knows of my apostasy and has taken it very hard(her father leads Friday prayers at the Mosque)
Steuart, United Kingdom, now a Christian
Converted to Islam and I was only shown the good side. I was encouraged not to question the pointlessness of some rules i.e. grow a beard,wear Arab dress - even being told to remove family pictures and get rid of my dog. I began to feel that I was damned to hellfire alongside my non-Muslim wife, as I could not follow all the restrictions perfectly. I also could not give up drinking the occasional beer or looking at pretty women. Why do Muslimah's have to cover up? Why should I hate my gay friends? It was beginning to make me depressed and my family miserable. I had closed my mind and it hurt. After more study and much thought, I have broken away from the Muslim's I knew, and feel liberated from this mental slavery. But I am very careful and hope my constant excuses for not meeting them will stop them contacting me before they ask my reasons for avoiding them. I feel I made a mistake in converting and worry about consequences of leaving.
Talib, United Kingdom, now a Humanist
I find that religion separates people too much - especially in Islam. I do not want to be part of a group. I'd rather be an individual, but a human individual; not an animal who hurts people in the name of "Allah". It's a load of nonsense. I stopped believing from an early age because my parents were thankfully not too strict on religion. They let me have my own views, which is something that not even Allah allows.
Jafar, Iraq, now an atheist
I was born into a very religious Islamic family. My parents wanted me to be an Imam. I moved to Mumbai and, as I grew up, I began to mix with Hindus, Christians, and Jews. While in Mumbai I began to start reading the Qur'an and I realized that it was full of horrible deeds and lies and hypocrisy. Later on, I started to learn about other religions such as Hinduism and Christianity. On the 23rd of March 2003 I finally decided that Islam was not the religion of peace but it encouraged violence, polygamy, slavery and pedophilia. I attended a Church mass and was Baptized as an Anglican. About one month later my friends and family found out, my parents wouldn't speak to me and I received death threats. I feared for my life and moved to New Zealand. To this day I am a proud Kafir and ex-Muslim, I attend Mass every Sunday and I have never regretted my choice.
Proud to be Kafir, New Zealand, now a Christian
Could God really be bothered with laying down so many rule's, do's & dont's. Does God really hate those who don't follow Mohammed? If the Qur'an is eternal and universal, how come it has so many references to only Arabia or to particular incidents? There are so many questions.

I still believe in the one God,though I completely reject Mohammed's preaching. He had noble intentions, but catastrophic consequences.

Goodbye Islam, goodbye formal religion. I don't think either of you have a place in the 21st century, when I think (I hope) individuals have the knowledge, enlightenment to think for themselves!
Rafi, India, now an agnostic
To put it bluntly, I left Islam because I realized that I have a conscience, and almost everything about my former faith, and quite a few of its followers, violated my conscience. I decided to pull my head out of the sand and face the truth; hard and painful though it was (and is) - that Islam is largely a false faith teaching few virtues and which was founded by a false, self-proclaimed prophet. I have decided to seek God in my own way, following my heart and my conscience, and see that He continues to bless me despite my turning away from Islam.
K.G. Malik, United States, now a non-Muslim theist
I always believed that Islam was the one true religion, but I was basically lazy in praying in fasting. Then September eleven happened, and I took the side of USA in opposition to my friends and family. Surfing one day I came upon and the change was dramatic, it bothered me that I had left Islam but logic always wins over faith.
Saad Ahmed, Pakistan, now an agnostic
Thanks to books written by early Islamic historians like Ibn Hisham, "Essira Annabaouia", al Tabari and many others who lived in the first three centuries of Islam, I understood from second thoughts which were inspired into me from their writings that Muhammad was an impostor.
Amr ibn Hichem, Tunisia
I found Islam full of lies and hatred towards non-Muslims, Mohammed was a selfish person. The day I left Islam I felt I was newly born and do support the people to come back to the truth and leave Islam as soon as possible.
Sipan, Kurdistan
Religion is a childish period of the development of humanity and personal conscience.. a drug or a dream but it is not reality.. God does not exist now if he did exist some day.. religion is not a source of morality..morality finds its source in the social rules that humanity accumulated to preserve its existence..we can live well and serve humanity without believing in miracles and a supernatural power that does nothing.
Metoo, Morocco, now an atheist
Hello Everyone, A friend introduced me to Faith Freedom. The site opened my eyes. I started to question Islam - the guts I never had. As I did more research and studied more, I realized that Islam was the biggest Fairy tale in the world. Now I am researching how the Roman empire created Islam to control the other sects of Christianity. I wish peace and happiness to all.
Sabbir Ahmed, Bangladesh, now a Christian
There is no reason why I shouldn't (leave Islam). The religion has been forced on me since I was a child. I find no sense in it and I find a great deal of nonsense in it. It’s a way of life for people with limited heart who suffer lack of brain and sense. As I don't believe in any religion because I believe they are all big lies to humanity. I specially define Islam as a violent religion which is against any aspect of human right to be free.
Reza Nia, Iran, now an atheist
I was born in the Maldives, where all citizens are forced to adhere to Islam to maintain the so-called 100% Muslim character of the country. Brainwashed by what I had been told by my parents, I had no reason in early childhood to doubt the truth of Islam. I faced the moment of truth when I was in 7th grade in high school. I got an English translation of the Quran, and read it with great expectations, looking for infinite wisdom. But what I saw in the book was incoherence and stupidity. Thereafter, I did a systemic study of all material on Mohammed and Islam available to me and satisfied myself that the religion was not just stupid, but dangerously stupid. In the Maldives, it is dangerous to let anyone know that you are not a Muslim. Even a few years back, a group of men and women who converted to Christianity were kept in solitary confinement in jail till they re-converted. For this reason, I am still forced to show outward appearance of being Muslim, while in the Maldives.
Manikfan, Maldives, now an atheist
I can only find the teachings of Sikhism with no contradictions and total humanity as well as strict belief in One God, just like the Jews, Christians and Muslims. A through study of Sikhism, shows that love and peace is the ONLY way to meet with Allah.
Wahid Mohammed, Saudi Arabia, now a Sikh
I left Islam for a large number of causes. Very briefly, they are:
  1. The repression of women
  2. Has no respect for humanity
  3. It was established on violence and killing after 23 battles
  4. The Quran is full of scientific historical numerical errors that are very obvious.
  5. The daily massacre that happens in Iraq in the name of jihad. Example: Killing of 5 year old boy because his mother stood up as a candidate in the general election.
    Ahmad, Iraq, now a Christian
I was born into a typical conservative Sunni Muslim middle class family, and naturally the cyclical brainwashing process (which afflicted my ancestry) started early in life. Thus I was your model Muslim boy who never questioned his teachings and even propagated hardcore fundamentalist beliefs myself. That was until I actually read the English translation of the Qur'an and realized it was absurd, and that no merciful God could possibly be the tyrannical megalomaniac portrayed in the Qur'an. Furthermore, I found the unquestionable Laws to be no more than tribal honor codes with the sole reason of sustaining power for the powerful.
Azad, Pakistan, now an agnostic
I was taken up with Islam, and spent a long time studying it. I was very carefully introduced to it, and then finally took Shahada in 2001. After 3 years in the faith, I realized that it didn’t solve any of my problems, nor is it the truth. The Sahih Ahadith are testament to the lie that is Islam, and the liar that is Mohammed - who actually sanctioned the murder of two innocent poets. Mohammed was simply a smart man, who after some persecution, got ahead of himself, and went on a rampage, in Al Madinah. Bear in mind, the Muslims in Madinah, had no means of subsistence, and had to raid and rob first the Meccans and then just about anyone else they felt like, they were thugs and robbers.
Gared, United States, now a Christian
I left Islam because I didn't find peace with it. Since my childhood, I had a lot of questions in my mind about human rights in Islam, women rights, eternal life and about the life of Mohammed.

I started looking for answers, by reading the Bible and comparing the life of Mohammed to that of The Lord Jesus Christ. I found my self far from Islam and enlighten by the Gospel and the truth of the word of God.

I accept Jesus in my life and I left Islam. I'm happy and at peace with my decision and I hope every one in Islamic world will know that the religion of Islam is from evil and not from the loving compassionate God who gives rain and sunshine to every one regardless of whether he or she believes in Him or not.
Ibn Zakaria, Morocco, now a Christian
It was a hard struggle. I had been raised in a religious family, but any question about religion was countered with an admonition not to ask such questions. The injustice I saw around me spurred the need to find why, if Islam was the true religion and Allah was "the Beneficent, the Merciful", there could be so much suffering and injustice because of God's will? Thus began the quest to look for "the other view" on Islam. It wasn't long before the chink I had in the wall of the intellectual prison Islam had placed me in became a huge gap and, with more reading and more research, the walls tumbled down altogether. I feel free and proud to be free of the idiocy of Islam.
Hamid Islam Renouncer, Afghanistan
I first lost my belief in my Sufi-master and Sufism, whereafter I began questioning the fundamentals of Islam as well. Especially the "fact" in Islam, that most of humankind are doomed to live forever in Hell repelled me, and it was impossible for me to believe that any longer.
Abdullah, Turkey
It was after 9/11 that I realized how intrinsically evil Islam was. On the surface, my fellow Muslims in Ottawa reacted with appropriate shock at the events of that day. Privately, many said they were glad and that America deserved the attack and were only saddened that more infidels weren't killed. I realized at this time that my parents had indoctrinated me into a cult of hate, violence, repression and evil and I had lived my entire adult life living in a sham belief system. Let's be clear about this - Islam stinks - and I was both a victim and perpetrator of this evil.
Abu Al Masri, United States, now an agnostic
I left Islam because I have read the Quran. It is the sickest book I have ever read. Islam's main foundation is built on fear, and it definitely stops the thinking mind. Islam makes good people do bad things and it’s loaded with mumbo jumbo crap.
Tamar Sarikan, Turkey
I left Islam because I was shocked and disgusted when I discovered the sick, cruel and inhuman actions of Prophet Mohammed. I did not want to be part to a religion that endorses, and encourages such intolerance and cruelty to others. Mohamed sealed his fate when he married Aisha.
Dawood, South Africa
I came across the website run by Mr.Ali Sina. I was a little angry at first to see this website, but then I went through it, I felt that this man is making some sense. Meanwhile, my father asked me to get married. I protested. I said that I wanted to complete my studies first, only then will I marry. My elder brother married a Hindu lady and my family kicked him out. I got enraged by this bullshit. My father also asked me not make friends among "kaafirs" as one of those infidel ladies corrupted my elder brother. When I refused to obey my father he kicked and slapped me a lot and said you are disgrace to Islam. That day I decided not to follow Islam anymore. I am not a practicing Muslim. I live with my parents without letting them know that I have left Islam.
Taufiq Ahmed, India, now a Rationalist
I was brought up in a Turkish family in Germany, nothing out of the ordinary. However, when I went to university I studied English and History; and studying history and thinking about Islam opened my eyes to the horrors that this religion has brought upon mankind. True, there were some benefits, but they are outweighed by the ignorance, repression, fear and death that Islam causes and has caused to millions. My family is Islamic thoroughly. They do not comprehend my decision - I am a stranger to them. My mother weeps and my father would beat me, but he does not, for he knows I would fight back. I cannot wait to leave home. I wasted 24 years of my life in Islam; now is the time to start living true.
Free at Last, United States, now an agnostic
Uhm, just like what was said previously: How could Muhammad be 'The One' when he marries a 9 year old kid while he could be her grandfather? And DO WE HAVE TO CUT ONE'S HAND IF HE STEALS A BUNCH OF THINGS? Since my early childhood, I have been thinking about everything we see and hear everyday, ISLAM, and unfortunately was forced to learn it in school, but last two years I was strong enough to refuse to learn that crap and lead my self to satisfaction that I got out of that bluff.
5C4N, Spain
After learning biology lessons at high school, I began to think that religions and the sacred books are all lies. In turkey, there are lots of poor women that I feel sad about them who has very bad conditions of lives because of religious rules.
Kadir Beseri, Turkey, now an atheist
I was born and raised in a Muslim family in Pakistan, and everyone around me expected nothing but a Muslim. But they forgot that they can try to control what they want, but they will never be able to control THOUGHT, the human process of critical thinking. My elder brother played an important role in my critical thinking process. He left Islam long before I was able to do so. My discussions with him on religion, brought me to the realization that I was not a Muslim, but just a human. Today I call myself Humanist and Atheist. I believe in free thought and free speech.

I believe we don't need any religion. Particularly a religion like Islam, which is based on fear, hate, killing, injustice, dictatorship and so on. Islam does not recognize human rights, particularly the rights of women as equal humans.

I would also like to dismantle the country which was created in the name of Islam i.e. Pakistan. I believe a country should be for its people and the people should be for their country.

Khalid Saeed
Khalid Saeed, Sweden, now a Humanist
I was born a Muslim, parents and whole family is very religious , I also liked being a Muslim, I prayed read Koran without understanding, but there were lots of questions without any answers, which i ignored because of my faith. But as the time went I wanted to find the answers for those questions, and on my journey of investigating and research I lost faith in religion, as I got more knowledge on Islam I found more and more loop holes, I could not believe that Koran is written by a GOD. Because I found too much of illogical stuff. As a studied more about religions I lost my faith on GOD too. Now I am firm believer in NO GOD. and I am happy to be like that , I feel lots of sympathy for those who pray any GOD , I am sure that If any one does an Honest study about religions and GOD's with reasoning, NO one will believe any religion or GOD.
Ahmed 2, Maldives, now an atheist
Well, I never thought there would come a day that I'd come this far. I used to love Islam.

The fight between Sunni and Shia makes me sick. I always fought for the Shia side, only to know how silly it really was, the Sunni's, well I shouldn't even start to talk about those retards.

I converted to the old ways where everyone is treated equal, loved, cherished, honored and especially respected, whether male or female, the deities i follow possibly might not exist, but at least they are not judgmental and paedophilic and most importantly they make me happy.

If Islam WAS indeed true in the end, I'd choose it's hell any time of the day, who the f*** would want to spend eternity with stinky dumb Arabs humping 72 virgins the thought of it just disturbs me. I have Persian ancestry, just a Kuwaiti passport and i will never consider myself to be one of them.
Sadeq, Kuwait, now an Asatruar
I have always had a nagging doubt about Islam and religion in general. When I was young, I asked my Aunty if my friends who were non-Muslims, would all go to hell as they were not Muslim? This is what I was taught in Arabic class. After a moments thought, the answer was Yes. Also, I am left handed and I used to get scorned whenever I ate with my left hand because that's the part the devil has control over!! There were many other questions that I asked which I couldn't get answered satisfactorily.

Since then I have never felt religious as I was never satisfied with the logic. I went to Umrah with the family a few years ago with the family but never at any point felt spiritual.

I have researched Islam in detail and find it painfully obvious how false it all is. I'm glad I left at a young age (22) but unfortunately I have to live under the facade of being a Muslim man. Day to day, I come into contact with Muslims all day and I see how submerged they are with the religion and how much theirs lives have been affected due to the actions of one man, Muhammad.
Peacebeuponme, United Kingdom, now an atheist
Question: a sentence worded or expressed so as to elicit information.

Questions are not accepted in Islam, knowledge is frowned upon and ignorance is considered a miraculous blessing.

Thence I started asking question, I found no answers. I asked those who were considered superior but to no avail, no one knew the answers.

Then it happened, my questions were blasphemous and my persistence began to anger those around me.

So I did my research and found that those same unanswered questions existed in all faiths, theological beliefs began to disgust me.

Here I am, a living breathing ex-Muslim. I have not suffered nor have I been affected by my loss of faith.

In any case peoples ignorance and morals will keep them in check, but the day will come when the whole world will realize how stupid their ideals are.

Maybe judgment day is upon us, maybe this is hell, we are all suffering are we not?

In science I have found evidence and peace, in religion I found doubt and hatred.
Darwinist, United States, now an atheist
I'm not officially leaving Islam yet because I am stuck in Malaysia. I don't have money to flee the country and everyone around me is extremely religious. I don't have a father and I am currently living with my mother. My mother has a lot of siblings (all religious) that think there is something wrong with me.

They sent me to the an extreme religious recovery centre, or, as it is known in Malaysia: Pusat pemulihan akhlak. There is no need to tell you how much I had to go through while I was there. When that didn't work, they tried to "treat me" (or so they claimed) by using traditional methods, such as bringing a witchdoctor (bomoh) to my house. That obviously didn't work either.

The only reason I said that I left Islam at age 15, is because at that age, I started not to see myself as a "Muslim." I don't have a computer, so I am using my cellphone to write this.
Ash, Malaysia, now a Christian
Looking back, I was really stupid to convert to Islam, luckily I stopped practicing Islam before it developed into full-blown Islamism (Which I would like to say, develops extremely quick.). Like all religious people, I only looked at the things that claimed to prove my faith was right, not the things that made me question my faith. Now I find it funny how these Muslims try to make the Qur'an seem like it is full of scientific miracles, when in reality it's full of scientific errors. I left Islam because I realized it was a religion on hate and intolerance, and is based around the fear applied by this "Allah" deity. Those ideas stand against my ideas. Realizing I wasn't meant for Islam (Neither is anyone else, unless they strive on intolerance and using fear to make people do your wishes.), I quit being a Muslim with no hesitation. I now practice Zen Buddhism like I had before, which brought me happiness, while Islam only applied strict laws and made my life more hectic, and now I do not follow any deity figure. Thank you very much for hearing my story.
Kenzo Ishihara, Japan, now a Buddhist
I was born into a Muslim family. but not all of my family member were Muslim. Only my father and mother, and of course my brother and sister. My grandma from my father was Christian and my father's and my mother's father practicing Kejawen (Javanese spirituality)...even if we were living in a family with different religion, we live in harmony. until I went to school...Like any other school in Indonesia, Religion Education is a compulsory subject. every student MUST get good mark for this subject (at least 6 of 1 to 10 score), if they could not achieve they will not get upgraded. Religion Education really sucks, because of Muslim are the majority in Indonesia, so the students from other religion should leave the class during the session. Religion Education is such kind of indoctrination. it promotes intolerance. students are taught to be a mindless fanatic. they taught that their religion is the only truth while others are wrong. but they are not allowed to question why. When I was in the college I start to question my faith. Critically I learned Quran more, and I found so many controversies and contradiction (specifically on gender relation). Muslim is not taught to be good or moralized person, he or she merely motivated by heaven and hellfire. Conscience does not exist in Islam. It is fear based religion.
Indonesian, Indonesia, now a Kejawen
It's neurotic to believe and follow regulations that are tailored for 7th century even they would have been working back then.. Islam is based on the thought that a person shall get perfect by deeds and constant halal/haram assessments. You need Islam everywhere even in your bed and in the toilet. The good deeds for their part don't even count as "good" but neurotic (praying in Arabic, washing, eating in some manner, walking in one manner, denying some normal or enjoyable things as listening to music). In addition some of those rules and even ideals are against human rights, lack individual freedom, the ideal of equality of both sexes in decision making. Furthermore, Islam inspires people to be suspicious and intolerant, even racist towards other religions and encourage to so called narrow thinking. There is no pure and unconditional love, love and hate is for the sake of Allah and hence, love's not free and real but must follow Allah's rules. I really dislike animistic habits the effect of which has no logical explanation, I cannot accept inequality and suppression of sexes and praising of martyrs, and cannot categorize people according to their religion and limit anybody or my own freedom. Also, I don't think sex must be related to each and any communication and cloth. I want to be me, praise my Lord with music and singing, be independent, express myself, make decisions...etc..
Friend, Finland
I have been a fanatic believer for most of my life. A couple of years ago took a risk - to do a critical study of Islam, including an in-depth study of the history of the emergence of Islam. I found that the very values Muslims claim to be representative of Islam were violated by Muhammed himself. He turns out to be a scam artist who got away with a hoax.
Raja Wahid, Pakistan
I could not bear the stupidity of Islam anymore, after reading Qur'an and hadith and biography of Mohammad with meaning.
Forhad, 54, Bangladesh
Because Islam is false doctrine of hate and terror ! for me Islam is a disease and must be recognize as a disease !!
Mazdak Sasani, 28, Pakistan, now in Afghanistan
What is there to say, just read the quran and you'll find out.
Ray, Australia, now an Agnostic
Why I left Islam: Intolerance of its teachings and its followers self-righteous claims that it is THE TRUE religion.
Jay, Pakistan, now an Atheist
My father was and still is imam in a mosque. I had many questions but there was no answer.
Mounif, Morocco
I think its too rigid and just dont make sense. Islam has become an Arab paganic religion.
Amr, Palestine, now a Christian
Simply because I could not delude my mind. I am an analytical mind.
Salim, Saudi Arabia, now a Rationalist
A lot of reasons. This religion stole my infancy and youth. I denounce this irrational, anti-scientific, barbaric, insane, dangerous, harmful, stupid, corrupted, superstitious, filthy religion, Islam, and its Shariat laws. I am a peaceful person and I love humanity. People must be aware of the truth of Islam, Mohammad, Quran and the history of Islam. BAR ISLAM-SHARIAT LANAT
Cafer, Azerbaijan, now an Agnostic
I left islam when I became old enough to think rationally and reason. But especially when I had enough courage to do so, its about courage and defiance more than it is about anything else. Don't be afraid to think !!!
Aba Lahb, Kuwait, now an Atheist
Because I’m Arab and we are at the lowest level of civilization, I wondered why we are like this. The culture is the main reason which is 1400 years old and the results have shown nothing at all.
Awwa7, the Gulf region, now an Atheist
The Quran is written by people who did not know what they were talking about. WE HAVE NEVER BEEN CONTACTED. NO ONE KNOWS THE TRUTH. That is what I realized after years of studies.
Badwi, Egypt, now a Theist
I cannot agree with a violent religion that claims to have a 'most merciful' god. I am now personally an Atheist and I now see the world in a whole new different better way. I invite you to join and join a group where theists and atheists debate beliefs and science. It seems that I'm the only Muslim apostate there.
Fadhail, Singapore, now an Atheist
I am 39-year old ,from south Sudan. Now every time I look back to years I spent in this life I regret because of my connection to this religion they call Islam. It brought hell to my home land that I do not believe in hell any longer. One needs books to tell how this creed did to me personally and my generation!!!!
Muzamil , 39, Sudan, now a Humanist
I have left Islam because Muslim can't make a pencil of their own.
Ehsan, 28, Iran, left Islam aged 20
I was born Muslim but I left Islam after 4 years of thought and reading many Islamic books. I finally found that Islam was not a religion from any God and that Muhammad was an impostor. Now I'm 23 and I'm living a great life and every time I look back I laugh at myself and feel very stupid for accepting Islam as a religion. I want to say to all the people that are still afraid of coming out: Do it, you're not alone!
"There are too many reasons. I'll just sum it all up, Islam is the worst thing ever happened to mankind."
Surfer1, Egypt, now an Agnostic
Prophet's Pedophilia, Scientific evidence against the Quran's miracles, and the general attitude of muslims around me including parents
DJ MSI, Egypt, now an Atheist
I can not compact all the things into texts, but it was like that: after growing up I saw that I became more intelligent than the others.. then I woke up and was grown.
Azgyl, 28, Austria
Understanding what the Qur'an is trying to convey and what the political Islam is doing, the inconsistencies, the hatred, the self pity, the blaming tactics, the refusal to look internally to see the rotten interior of the whole religious establishment, the constant persecution of the conscientious and the ‘intellectuals’ within and the suppression of the common folks by the religious establishment.
It deprived me of the things that made life worth living: hanging with friends, going to parties, girls during the teenage years. This misery caused me to examine Islam and I found that Islam was violent, intolerant and a plague on mankind.
Anonymous, Canada
Religions were created by humans for positive and negative purposes, Islam has very few of those positive so I don't need it.
love and peace for everything, Algeria
Because of what it preaches - violence, concept of Hell, Punishment, fear- overrides any other human needs like Love and caring for others. it's always about doing This or that or else... Rituals even in the prayers And fasting, korban etc. And the treatment of Women.... It's a cult alright.
Malay freethinker
I left Islam because I found that Islam is the motto of terrorism. It spread terrorism in the world. Mohammed was a hypocrite, womanizer, rapist and a murderer.
Imran, Bangladesh, now a Buddhist
Because I am no longer comfortable in it, and I discovered that I am more comfortable as a Christian, as Christian teachings made more sense to me than Islamic teachings.
Adam, Malaysia
The main reasons I left Islam are because I found out that it allows wife beating, sex with prisoners of war and sex with children and I cannot accept a prophet who allows this. Other reasons include the intolerance of other religions, an imperialistic foreign policy and the belief that all non-Muslims are going to hell.
Ben Rukhsana, Britain
Islam didn’t make sense in many ways, and then I saw the so-called "miracles" of Qur'an are exaggerated stories. By knowing these 2 facts, I knew Islam was not a religion from God, but a creation of mankind. I believe Islam is not right for me, because I believe humans are born free, and for Allah to impose laws on us is unfair. Sure, breaking the speed limit is also a law but it helps protect other innocent civilians. Following Islamic rules like eating Halal food, Prayer and Hajj doesn’t protect or benefit people in any significant way.
Sheraz Malik, United States
Islam is suffocating. Everyone, up to and including god is watching your every move. Did you pray five times today? Did you fast today? Been a good slave to Allah lately? To be fair, a lot of other religions are somewhat like that, because religion, when used as a method of crowd control, requires oversight.
Amin, Canada
I left Islam because it did not fulfill, or go along with my desire for love of the world. Ethically the concept of hell started my kufr.
Abu Lahab, United States
It's oppressive, restrictive, anti-humanism, stagnant, anti-progress, anti-joy, anti-women, and very violent and discriminatory in practice.
Ampbreia, United States
I left Islam because of glaring intellectual inconsistencies within the Quran and the Hadiths; because of the judgmental and angry way Islam deals with problems both internal and external.
Bean, United States
Because I became convinced that what Isa said in the Bible was true.
I started to realize how much hate there was in Islam. Especially after September 11th. I couldn't believe the support from a large number of Muslims for Osama bin Laden had for his crimes. Overtime, I started to have doubts about certain hadiths and ayats - later I found a website of other stories of people who left Islam. I looked closer at the ayats of scientific proof, I researched the "Satanic versed"... Everything just piled up against Islam... I just woke up...
Hello. I am a Muslim born with no choice. I am 14 now and am starting to realize the truth about Islam thanks to your website. But, as my mother allows me no free will to leave Islam, I need your help. I need you to tell me how to confront my mother about Islam and explain that I no longer want anything to do with this way of life. I tried telling her about some of the stuff on your site and she just kept on telling me that I can't trust sources on the Internet. Also, she says if I go on your website again, she'll remove some off my belongings (including the Internet). However, I do know how to clear my history and she doesn't know that much about computers so I know I'm fine. My mother is also a Muslim born without choice, but she is a devout! She sings songs about Islam everyday and it drives me insane. She also won't shut up about Islam and Allah. It drives me insane! She must be stopped! I have to tell her that I need to leave Islam because I won't become a mindless drone of Allah. I want to be free. I want to feel liberated.
i simply educate myself and notice the non-existence of a god including allah...
Uyar, 39, Turkey, now an Atheist
It defies logic.
Edo, 23, Bosnia & Herzagovnia, now an atheist
I've looked at Islam with an objective viewpoint and found no proofs. In the only thing that pretends to be proof - Qur'an, I found many elementary mistakes. For example: (86,5-7). But I am disturbed by that so many young people become fanatics and fundamentals. They forget about real life and live for praying. They are simply brainwashed.
Juancarlos, 19, Kazakhstan, now an atheist
I am Shahidul Islam, born in Bangladesh. I am a studying in Journalism & Mass Communication in Daffodil International University, Dhaka. I am converted to Atheist at the age of 25. I hate all kind of extremism & religion.
Shahidul Islam, 25, Bangladesh, now an atheist
Islam is based on barbarism, male chauvinism, racism [in favor of Arabs], censorship, lack of freedom of thought and terrorism.
Hale, United States
Leaving Islam was an outcome of a long process of thinking and analysis, a process that took many years. For me Islam is a religion based on hate, it does not believe and respect human rights based on humanism, and women`s rights. In Islam there is no space for democracy. It tries to survive through creating constant fear and providing dreams based on a fantasy world called heaven.
Shabir, 47, Pakistan, now a Humanist
I left Islam after realizing that it is false in everything, it doesn't create civilized societies, it makes Muslims live centuries behind others in everything, it contradicts science and common sense. I live my life now in peace with myself and with others, I feel so happy for that.
HMS, 43, Jordan, now non-religious
I hail from a long line of non-believers. My great great grandfather was a chinese born atheist living in India. The story goes that he had run away from China and into India at a very early age. We have no record of our ancestors since before him. Not even his real name. He fell in love with a Muslim Indian girl and that's how it all began. My grandmother says that Atheism is in our blood, there's no getting away from it.

I was never forced to pray or into any other religious stuff by my father. But I was always under pressure or at war would describe it better, from my mother's side. That didn't work either. I guess I knew what was right for me all along.

I believe that every child is born free from religion. Hence it should be the right of the child to chose. I was told that at a very early age. Tried to find the right religion for myself, couldn't. I didn't agree with the whole Holy book theory. Why would a god.i.e. if there really is one, need the help of a man to spread his word? Why can't he do it himself? If there is a god, why doesn't he make an appearance? Why the mystery?
Aiax Muir, 35, Pakistan, now without faith
I was born in an Islamic country but I didn't have any knowledge of Islam. After I read the Qur'an I found this book to be absolutely rubbish, and in context it encourages its followers to kill and terrorize, thats all.
Shahin, 40, Iran, now an atheist
I was in turmoil with question, swinging toward modest and Sufism, until one day I met a friend my age. He gave me a French book about the origin of religions, then I started to go further and further in reading. I found out that I spent too much time defending religion without trying to find out about it. Many times I argued with atheists without asking myself about the reason for their atheism. Sometimes this arrogance in my belief made me unable to imagine a world without religion. And so it was, I spent year after year digging, until I found myself in peace. I am out of the gate of the so called heaven of believers. I matured, I am free, I have my conscience and my ethics.

Now, I don't ask about if the religion is true or not. I am trying to find out how people can live there life and find meaning without connected all the time to a religion, that determine there life, drag them out of it in the most cruel way; life is about living, not denying the living and wishing for another life after death.
Voltaire, 42, Egypt, now an agnostic
When I was 14, I began to realize how profoundly different Islam was from what I had been taught about it. I had been told that it is a religion of peace, democracy, scientific progress, humanism, etc. But it started to become clear to me that what I have been taught during my first 14 years of indoctrination was nothing but a lie generated by Muslim scholars to cover Islam's ass. I began to notice significantly ignorant and superstitious Islamic claims that include: the prohibition of music and art, the oppression of women, the lawfulness of slavery, the belief in other superstitious statements like witchcraft and demonic possession, etc. By the time I turned 15 I began to seriously doubt that the Quran is the word of God, mainly due to my realization of the scientific as well as historical errors in its context. However, I did hold on to the idea that the universe could not have created itself from nothing, therefore believing in a creator deity. Finally, I started to see how the latter claim is explicable, by the laws of quantum physics and string theory (as well as the emergence of life according to the Theory of Evolution). These creation myths in religion no longer meant anything to me. What is God then? If the universe had to have been created by a supernatural creator, doesn't that also mean God must have been created? Who created God's creator then, Ad Infinitum... The idea that before the Big Bang, time didn't exist also made more sense than God having existed forever. That is why the Big Bang Theory is such a profound scientific and reasonable claim. So I became and atheist. I have also come to notice that religion is the only burden to human happiness.
Nebras AlKhani, 15, Syria, now an atheist
I was only 10 years old when twin towers destroyed. All Muslims were happy. They supported Bin Laden though they were not sure whether he did it. I started to come to know about brutality of Islam. Can a god give permission of rape? Allah did. Can a god hate? Allah does. Al Quran cannot be word of god. It is possible that it is a word of Satan. I think it is word of Muhammad. When I was 16 I left Islam.
Md. Raihan Uddin, 21, Bangladesh, now a Humanist
As a kid I was skeptical about Islam as the true religion. I could never understand why i had to recite Quran multiple times or why do i have to go to a masjid on Friday where all they teach is hatred against humanity. I was never a true Muslims but kept up with the religious festivities due to having a Muslim family. I moved to United States with family when I was 18 and was a closet Agnostic till November of last year when I got to my conclusion on Islam through Quran and Ahadith. I found these scriptures to be illogical, irrational, anti-humanity and truly a threat to the rest of the world. Now, I am an atheist and have been studying more about science which back up my claims. I feel like I am in peace with this universe and I am a free man now, slave to no-one. Looking forward to my life, without God or Islam always having a problem with it.
Arslan, 25, Pakistan, now an atheist
I just got tired of being asked to believe things that didn't make any sense to me. Here is a short list of these:

- Whoever doesn't accept Islam after hearing about it and dies, he or she will go to hell even if he led a virtuous life. Yet a tyrant like Saddam who killed thousands will eventually go to paradise for the simple fact that his last words were "La Ilaha Ila Allah, Muhammad Rasulu Allah"...

- Jews are cursed and some of them were changed into apes and pigs. sounds like backward evolution to me.

- Women are "incomplete" in their intellect and religion. Most of them are in hell. I wanna go to hell then!

- Apostates should be killed. Yet the Quran says that there is no compulsion in religion.

- and of course all the stories of the prophets from Adam to Jesus that the Quran is full of... A lot of imagination.
Al-Ma3ari, 36, Morocco, now an agnostic
When I was 12 I started becoming interested in religion and so I found Islam. At the time I lived in a small town (now I live in the big city Cracow) so there were no immigrants so no Muslims. I relied on the Internet to talk to Muslims. I did my research, read some of the Quran (I ended up being bored because it just repeats "Allah is this, Allah is that!" most of the time) and truly believed in this. I hadn't realized what a radical and fundamentalist religion this is. When asked about extremists I used the typical Islamic excuse "They're not real Muslims". After a few months, I stopped being so religious, but still called myself Muslim. But after 6 months, I started to realize how extremist Islam can be. I saw a bunch of YouTube videos of adulterous women being stoned in Saudi Arabia, gays being hang in Iran, apostates beheaded in Afghanistan, etc. I had a serious doubt in Islam at this point. This website has also played a big part on my road back to Christianity. I started reading more about my birth religion, Roman Catholicism and overall Christianity. At the 7 month I made the wonderful decision to become a Christian again. I am now so happy to have Jesus in my heart once more!
Konrad, 14, Poland, now a Christian
At the age of 14, after I found out that much of the problems in our culture is directly or indirectly related to Islam and religious views, I started to research about Islam and other religions. I read a lot of books about Islam and criticism of Islam from Persian writers like Ahmad Kasravi. I also discussed it with many people with different viewpoints from my own, especially communists and atheists. I've now learned it is possible to live with no faith in God.
Nima Kheradmand, 23, Iran, now an atheist
My family left Sudan during the war in Darfur, when we managed to get all the way to Kenya. The conflict in Sudan was highly ethnic, between the black people, Muslim and non-Muslim in the south against the Muslim Arabs in the north. I guess this is kind of what started my interest in the matter. I knew Islam was an Arabic religion, and considering how the Arabs had treated my people, I couldn't really find myself in anything of it. When I started reading into it in one of Mombasa's many libraries, I found out some more choking truths about Islam. Including the slavery, especially of African women, who were used as sex slaves for Arabic merchants. I shared my discoveries with my parents, but they didn't really seem to think about what I said. As time progressed, I realized all the hardship Islam and Muslims have caused Africa, and my people in particular. From just viewing it in an ethnocentric manner, it kind of grew on me as a criticism of islam as a religion overall. I couldn't find anything positive about it in the end of the day. Islam feels cold and inhuman for me. Today I am trying to turn to Buddhism, I say TRY because it is indeed hard.
Malik Adewa, 25, Sudan, now a Buddhist
It is an absurd idea that someone will eternally be burned and tortured in the hell because of not believing in someone else.
Kaan, 43, Turkey, now an agnostic
There is too much religion in the world. I started researching all religions 5 months ago. In these 5 months, I have read books, internet articles and Islamic web forums. I came to the following conclusion: if I was born a Christian family, my religion would be Christian, and if I was born in an Atheist family, then I would probably not have a religion. This is the fundamental reasoning that distances me from religion.
Ali, 22, Turkey, now an Agnostic
"Well, as happens with any person leaving his religion, I had this passion with that my religion and I was defending it seriously and objectively. I did not remember that I insulted any one in the arguments which I've had. I always hear different opinions. Then I saw things I've never seen before in my religion. Somethings I did not pay attention to before. Then I realized that my religion is full of superstitions and legends and Muhammad was a charlatan and he was mentally ill and all what he said was superstitions and that his religion calls for hatred and enmity for other nations"
Hazem, 14, Egypt, now a Deist
I belong to a Shi'a Muslim family. Unfortunately, there is even less Shi'ite material translated into English than there is Sunni material. Due to which it is harder for Shi'ites to find out what their religion is truly like. In my late 20s I started learning Arabic to read some of the primary texts on my own, and that's when I came across a lot of objectionable material. (Mis)Treatment of women, homosexuals, slaves, apostates, etc. The philosophical justification of the existence of the Islamic deity is also very flimsy. After a while of first doubting the infallibility of the Shi'ite Imams, followed by doubts about the infallibility of Muhammad himself, and then doubts about the historical accuracy of the Qur'an, I became a Deist. After doing more research about the evolution of humanity and several other related topics for a couple of years, I became a confirmed atheist.
S. Abbas, 31, Pakistan, now an atheist
I was born into a Muslim family. For many years I was a devout believer, always praying, fasting and prostrating in prayer. But until recently, I have had much doubt and cognitive dissonance. I could not accept miracle claims anymore, could not accept that the prophet flew on a winged horse and could not believe God occasionally sends down books without updating them or preserving them. I discovered a vast ocean of truth, I discovered science and reason and the ability to know why things really happen. Islam may be good, comforting or cozy for some people but unfortunately that does not make it true.
Hasan Mohammad, 14, Australia, now an agnostic
As I became more interested in science I found out the doctrine of Islam is against of the current knowledge of humanity (Evolution , Big bang, story of creation...). Moreover, the principles of Islam, as it defines human beings, is not compatible with what I have learnt during my life.
KK, 22, Iran, now an atheist
When you are Muslim in Somalia you have only one way to go and you can't have thoughts other than about Islam. I remember during the prayers in mosque that the Imam would pray for only Muslims who had suffered in disasters like war and drought. I had never heard that imam say any prayers or ask for help for non-Muslims who had found themselves in the same situation like Muslims. When I came to Europe I watched on TV the Pope of the Catholic Church in Italy who had been praying for Somalia when severe drought hit. This made me compare my ex-imam in Somalia and the Pope. I found that the Pope is the more kinder and generous of the two. After that, I decided to look for a religion that contained some humanity. I eventually chose to become a Christian.
Guled, 33, Norway, now a Christian

Former Muslims Who Are Female

I realised Islam was a fake religion, created only for Arabs (and other similarly-minded people) to gain power.

What God would want His creations to be beaten or executed for sinning? It's in our nature to sin - we're human beings. What God would clearly state that women are worth half of men? For me, it was obvious that a power-hungry Arab wrote this to control women and society.

I feel that Matthew 7:15-20 describes Islam and Muslims. I am not into proselytism, but could not be happier with my decision.
Daena, 18, Iran, now an Orthodox Christian
After 9-11, I became fascinated with the destructive force of the belief system those religious fanatics wielded. At first when I began to learn about Islam and decided to convert, my views became very anti-American. This was due to ignorance and naivety on my part. Eventually, I moderated my beliefs and that was when I began wearing the hijab; getting involved at the mosque, and praying/fasting - although I only fasted one time, as I was only Muslim for about a year. The more I learned, the more brainwashed I became. However, I soon began to realize that there were indeed inequalities in this religion, as well as contradictions. As painful as it was, I renounced my faith after a lot of thinking and soul searching. It was hard letting go, but I have stopped mourning and I have never felt as liberated as I do now.
Crow, United States, now agnostic
I was born in Pakistan, my mother's family were Catholic, and My father is Jewish. He converted to Islam and, at my birth, I was converted to Islam, I did get Quran lessons as a child but I was more in tune with the teachings of the Catholic Church. At this point I have come to realize that spirituality and religion are two different schools of thought and one does not have to involve the other. I started studying paganism, and found it far more empowering to women then any other major religion I have encountered. I would like to express my happiness at finding more like minded people who think with their hearts and minds, instead of being fed religious garbage by the clerics. Women have suffered all over the world in the name of God and culture, it's about time we put an end to this and elevate the Goddess Within each and every women. Blessed Be!! Taslima Nasrin, you are truly an inspiration to women all over the world. Blessings upon your brave and courageous soul.
Saira, Pakistan, now a Universal Spiritualist
Although I had had doubts since I was in my teens about the divinity of Islamic teachings, the straw that broke camel's back was reading about what is really in Quran and what Muhammad did in his Medina stay through websites like and books by Ibn Warraq and Anwar Shaikh. Particularly disgusting was his massacre of all Quraiza tribesmen and taking beautiful Rehana - the wife of the tribe leader - to bed the same night; and sex with 17 year old Safia after killing her husband Kinana and his people in Khyber. Other disturbing revelations were Muhammad's marriage to 6 year old Ayesha, his sleeping with slave girls and concubines,his assassinations of his critics, the Quran's declaration of violence against non-Muslims, raping of captive women and slaves & looting of non Muslims as pious act worthy of paradise. That left no doubt in my mind that Islam is not divine, it is a dangerous cult.
Ayesha Ahmed, India, now an atheist
I was a Saudi muslim. I have read and understood the teaching of Islam since elementary school and I have been given high doses of the Quran and ahadith, but I could not be convinced to believe in everything. It is simply because it is against logic and science. Thanks.
Shitan, Saudi Arabia
I was forced into Islam because I was underage and because of my father who thought it can help him in his work. I have longed and wished to be a Christian since I was in Primary school, but I had to wait until I was old enough to decide for myself. My dad never forced me or helped me to learn about the Islamic religion. We never even talked about it. I am disappointed there is still a religion like this forcing apostate to remain as a Muslim. Only God can decide one's life and only he can decide we live or die. The law is written by people. Shouldn't we discard what is not applicable to this century instead of killing or forcing people just because of something that is written a long time ago. Cruelty should not be a religion. The world will have no peace if we fight just because of some holy scripts written by our forefathers. Where do we seek help to be a free citizen in Malaysia disregard of what religion and race?
Marianne, Malaysia, now a Christian
There are many reasons why I left Islam, but the biggest was the violence and hate! I didn't realise how much hate was in the Quran until I actually read it page by page! Also I didn't get any respect, even though I tried my best to be a good Muslim. I lived in Egypt and I saw first hand how the Mullahs in the village mosques were spreading hate! I also couldn't be proud to call myself a Muslim especially when a lot of child abuse goes on in Islamic countries and hypocrisy!
Amanda Ueta, United Kingdom, now a Jew
If I believed in God and Satan, I would be sure that Islam is the religion of Satan, and Muslims are devil-worshipers. Of course, most Muslims are not evil by nature. Most of my friends still call themselves Muslims because they identify the religion with their cultural roots. However, they have no clue what the religion is truly about, and will probably never find out as they don't bother to attend mosque or read the Quran. In the end, these friends are actually apostates like me. They just have never bothered to label themselves as such due to complacency or disinterest. What scares me is not this multitude of quasi-Muslims, but the multitude of real Muslims. They are the one's that can do the damage. I left Islam after listening to a few of them speak at a CAIR convention. They horrified me with their hatred and bigotry. I went straight home and researched the religious reasoning behind their words. I was shocked to find out that it was these hate-filled monger's who were following Islam, and not I. So now I am an apostate.
Fatima, Morocco, now an atheist
I've always felt restricted among the Muslim society and my family. I stopped praying years ago. I began to realize my lack of religious belief, because I didn't feel any remorse or fear of "Allah" for not being a good Muslim. And when my parents or Sunday school teachers would tell me of stories and miracles of the Quran or Muhammad's life, I saw them only as childish exaggerations that didn't make sense or align with human nature. Even passages from the Quran sounded like something out of a child's book. I felt handcuffed and gagged. The times I did speak up and express my opinions to my parents, they completely freaked and then dismissed my curiosity as being of a "foolish uneducated child," I was not born to submit my free will to God or any religion. I have freed myself emotionally from the bondage of religion. I count the days till I am also free physically.
Julia Potter, Egypt, now agnostic
I don't hate Islam - that is a fact. I just couldn't find peace there. The fact that I was always punished for everything, that I have to pray 5 times a day, that I can't drink one glass of wine, can't have a boyfriend, can't wear what I want; all that just annoyed me and then the fact that most Muslims view other non Muslims as atheists and think that non Muslims will go to hell, this just doesn't seem right. To be honest, I didn't officially leave Islam because people here would kill me, but I have cut all relations to Muslims and Islam, I am going to church now, I am happy there, I am waiting till I graduate from university and leave to the states so I can officially convert.
Dima, Palestinian Authority area, now a Christian
I struggled with myself for a few years before leaving Islam. My conscience led me out finally. Islam is a scary religion - often accepted by people with good intentions and a real lack of information. I left basically because I discovered what being a Muslim means. Had I a better understanding when I accepted Islam, I would have NEVER have converted. I believe most converts suffer from great ignorance. Good people who think freely cannot maintain peace of heart and mind in Islam.

Once I left Islam, my Muslim husband starting treating me very differently. Suddenly I didn't deserve his goodness. He once even told me that he couldn't look at me because my hair wasn't covered. Ultimately we divorced.

Kat, United States, now a Christian
After reading Surah Al-Nisa ("The women") in the Quran, I knew that Mohamad was not God's messenger and I believe that Islam was a religion only for the barbaric Arabs at that time not civilized nations such as Persia.
Maryam, Iran, now a Christian
It all started 6 years ago when I met the man who would become my first husband. Though I respected Islam, I didn't really want to convert. The local MSA found out and promptly pushed me to "save" myself from sin.

Needless to say, I felt I made a mistake when 2 weeks after my conversion, I was nearly raped by a Muslim man. My first marriage failed and I hastily married another Muslim man who claimed to be a Sufi. As it turns out, he was addicted to pornography and had no respect for women at all. So I came back home after a few months of marriage. Living as a Muslim was hell. I couldn't find a job because I wore a hijab and 9-11 didn't make anything easier for me.

I met my current husband a few years ago. We suffered a lot of mistreatment at the hands of the Muslim community. Finally things got so bad we decided to save ourselves - so we left Islam.

We are Buddhists now and much happier. We have learned how to live again.
Laughingbuddha, Canada, now a Buddhist
I have been Muslim by name, but day by day I was growing up and seeing the real face of Islam. Proudly I left it. I don't want to be a Muslim. Who would be part of some bloody and stupid religion. NO ONE!
Nazanin, Iran, now a Humanist
I converted to Islam some time ago, and been a steadfast observer for four years, in which I spent much of my time extensively reading the Qur'an, and the explanations available, articles from Islamic sites, counsels given by Imams to different people on those sites and discussions between Muslims on forums. I got to know other converts and Muslim people, but slowly, I started to realize that even if i try my best to fit in, I would not be able to.

I browsed for 'feminist' Islamic sites and modern-progressive Islamic sites, but they seemed to be a drop in an ocean of misunderstanding and blind following of traditions. Sometimes some explanation given to me to 'excuse' something, I would find difficult to digest, it would seem flimsy to me, but I`d just force myself to believe it. But at one moment I stopped and realized that if I could go on like this, it is not the life I would like my children to have, that if I will ever have children.

So I stopped lying to myself, and here I am.

I don`t think Islam is plain wrong, many people find peace and illumination in it, but I just did not find anything better than in my old beliefs, nothing inspiring.

So I quit trying.
Fatma, Romania, now a Christian
I always had doubts ever since converting to Islam around 2 years ago. However, the turning point was when I began to learn some Judaism and Hebrew. Well, according to Islam, Jews are the enemies, so I got even more interested in the matter. I ended up realizing the illogical nature of Islamic theology, e.g. the Most Merciful G-d burning people forever just because they did not testify the authority of Muhammad. I certainly believed in G-d but when i began to realize how much arrogance, hatred and corruption Islam actually involves, I gradually moved away from my belief that Muhammad is the prophet of G-d. It naturally caused some problems with Muslim friends of mine but it was a step I had to take. I don't regret being Muslim for 2 years, because I learned a lot, and there was lot of good stuff in there to learn as well. Oh, and that constant labeling of people into kafirs and such. It's just unbelievable what was going on in my life.
Shimon, United Kingdom, now a Jew
Why I left Islam? Simple, I read the Koran and Sira of Mohammad for the first time in my life and realized that this cult is an insult to the dignity of all human life and intelligence. One does not have to be a scholar or an intellectual to understand that this religion is based in fear, stupidity, and bigotry. We just have to look at Islamic countries to see this. Three other members of my family have also apostatized for the same reasons and we are working on the remaining members by encouraging discussion and raising questions about Islamic practices and by critiquing the personality of Mohammad and his sahaba. I've seen that this helps sew the seed of doubt in people and induce further research on the subject by them who would other wise rely on so called Ulema to answer questions for them.
Saba Khan, United Kingdom, now an agnostic
As Muslims use to say: I was born as muslim among a religious and traditional family. But I grew up in a western country and at young age and progressivly I got interested in the real and true issues of life and sciences that I couldn't bear the darkness, hatred and cruelty neither of Islam nor any other religion. All religions are manmade because humans need something to rely on due to their fears and disability to rely on their own and on rationality. As a woman I had the "delightful honour" to experience the peaceableness and justice teached by Islam and it's devotees. Advice to muslim readers: the last sentence contains irony.
Lily, Germany, now an atheist
My parents tried to force this religion on me, but what I saw of their religious dedication was a radical and mean-spirited fanaticism that did not embody any attributes that I would ever aspire to. I never embraced Islam and have felt much pain from my parents as a result. My parents threatened to have my friends killed, they have beaten and abused me, threatened my friends and have held guns to my little sister's head when they found that she had a boyfriend. This religion is divisive and dangerous.
NYCGIRL, United States, now an agnostic
I believed my life was made into a lie by the religious rules which makes nothing of me real. I found that religion had provided very little space for individualism and vast majority of the practicing Muslims were too suffocating with their need to impose their views on others. I found the religion suppressive to my level of intellectual capacity apart from devaluing my existence as a woman. I also felt there was very little room for discussions at an equal level which allows healthy respect for differences amongst Muslims when it comes to rules of God. I found the rules of God very contrived and very often lack common sense. I believe God has nothing to do with Islam, and Islam is purely one of those political ideologies which originated in the Middle East with strong Middle Eastern values which are not 100% applicable on others especially in these day and age.
Ninetta, Malaysia, now an agnostic
Getting married to a strict Muslim man made me think and leave Islam. There is a hadith that wives must be available to her husband whenever the mood struck him. "I asked my husband and he told me that this was true." I realized that I could get raped because it was allowed in the Koran. I could not leave the house without my husbands permission. When I married I was forty-three years old and had a five year old son and before I became a Muslim I was independent, and I was not going to let some man tell me what I could or could not do. I decided that there was a lot of misogyny (female hatred) in Islam and I was not going to be controlled and told what and how to think by my husband or any religion. God gave me a mind to think and I feel that being a Muslim makes one stop thinking.
Awake, United States
I entered Islam several years ago in the belief that it was a peaceful religion. Had I known it was the HOTEL CALIFORNIA. You can check in anytime you want but you can never leave. I NEVER WOULD HAVE REVERTED. I was abused by a Muslim man and lost myself inside this insipid religion. I am happy to be out and although I lost a big support network of so called friends, I found myself again..

If you are a Muslim wanting to get out you can do it. You need to start building a Christian network of friends and talking about it with Christians and other non Muslims. Go slow and take your time.

But take precautions..They especially hate former Muslims when they speak out big time traitors I guess. HAPPY TO BE GONE.
Margaret, United States, now a Christian
I cannot trust that God would send a book that is racist and sexist if he created us all. God should not be jealous and mean if he has power over all things. He should not change his mind to please a mere human (Mohammad) so on and so forth. This is not a religion but a cult based on fear.
Clara, Canada, now a Christian
I reject this religion of injustice, only made for men, of aillor. I never chose my religion. One imposes it on us at our birth. It is a religion of violence and of non-comprehension. In any case, the Islamic religion is being rejected more and more by all categories of people. I am happy in my new religion.
Khadija Leben, Algeria, now a Christian
Islam is nothing but a headache and a biased, disrespectful, unequal religion that leaves women out, and is only beneficial for Muslim men. Why the hell should we women cover ourselves if the men cannot control themselves? Why is it that women get the death penalty when they have made a mistake or been raped, and men get away with marrying 4 women and having sexual intercourse with 4 different women at the same time? How does this make things equal between men and women? Islam is nothing but a whole load of bull shit (excuse my language). Why do we have religion in the century we are in? Don't you think people have evolved and have an understanding of what is right and wrong? I totally understand why religion was there before Christ was born, and that was to lead our people to a good way of life and to be good, but why do we need it now? Just be good to each other and not commit a bad deed.
Unknown1, United Kingdom
Hi I left Islam last year because I couldn't be bothered, and got fed up with praying five times a day, and mosque and all, because I realized it did not benefit me and it was a waste of time. It is boring and I now don't practice Islam. I asked Mohammed and Allah to help me and they did not, so I am not Muslim now. I'm good and now I have more time to play games and do my schoolwork. I told my parents. They said nothing and so I now do not believe in Mohammed and Allah, unless he helps me. I am now what they call an Atheist and I don't care if I go to hell because I think there is no hell and when die I just rot and decay and my existence ceases.
Zezima, now an atheist
The teachings are against my emotions, intelligence, beliefs and needs.
Paars Ruby, Malaysia, now an atheist
I think the position of women in orthodox form of Islam is not what a true Creator would want, if one exists. Though my feelings are not as strong as Salman Rushdie or Taslima Nasreen, my bonds are so weak that I consider myself more secular than a proper Muslim.
Khaleda Zia, Bangladesh, now an agnostic
Islam doesn't agree with my beliefs. The whole dog thing and then the sacrificing. Argh! I can't handle that! I'm a vegan!
Sarah, United States, now a Wiccan
I have no hatred toward the Muslims, rather I love them and hope one day they will wake up from their Utopian dream and embrace rest of the human race with love and compassion. Long Live Secularism.
Fariel, Bangladesh, now an Atheist
“I never was really in to Islam but due to the love for a Muslim I tried my best to see good things in Islam. When I read about the prophet and the marriage with young Aisha I began to understand that this religion can't be from God. ”
Peace4u, Germany
“I felt stifled by constantly having to cover up. That may be all right for some Muslim women, but not for me. Also, I felt restless and bored sitting in Mosque, I don't know Arabic, so why should I sit in Mosque and be bored?”
Illyria, Canada
“Martial rape, being controlled. Not able to think on your own. Misogyny. hijab. Also more importantly I have a five year old son and I do not want him thinking that everyone who is not a Muslim is a 'Kuffar' and should be hated and killed.”

“If you truly follow Islam, that means you must live in fear of hellfire all the time. Even though Islam dictates every aspect of your life, it fails to promote the most important values, like honesty, respect for all of humanity, individual choice and accountability, love, and I could go on. ”
Eva, United States
“Their teachings goes against many human rights.”
“I learned that according to Islam, non-believers are going to hell no matter what, which is not fair, it is a religion that is hard to follow and time consuming. Plus, as I women I couldn't accept the need to wear the veil (Q 4:31) and that men can beat women (Q 4:34).”
Murtad Mama, Canada
Islam has shown me judgment, fear and guilt. No rights as a woman and a coldness... It did not offer the answers I sought...
Anonymous, United States
I left Islam because my soul was screaming for release, I intuitively knew it wasn't holy.
Drak, Australia
I left Islam when it dawned on me that women's thinking mattered less in the Arab culture. I began to think whether I should accept that way of life. As I began reading Middle Eastern and Western feminists, I realised how irrational Islam is in the context of today's women. Gradually, after much consideration, I came to the position of an atheist.
Shazna Begum, 28, United Kingdom, now an atheist
I've always questioned Islam as a little girl. I used to pretend that I've prayed by arranged the prayer mat in a certain manner to get my parents off my back. When my parents married me off to my religious first cousin at age 18, I started to hate Islam. He opened my eyes to this hate, and I started to reflect my disgust on my cousin-husband especially after he started quoting the Qur'an and the Hadith for his own end. "Oh you don't sleep with me then angels will descend upon you and curse you until you wake!" I soon got divorced at age 22 and that's when I started living. I took off the Hijab and I've never been happier. My family disowned me but that's their own loss. I'm living happily with my husband -who's not a Muslim- in the United States. Wake up people, Islam is a disease!
An Infidel, 24, Bahrain, now an agnostic
In my country everybody is Muslim but no one really bothers to read Qur'an. They believe in a book but they don't know what's written in it. So I read Qur'an it was far more different than what I was expecting. All my life I was thought that Islam was a religion of peace, the more I read it, the better I understood that it was all a lie. I was expecting something like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but it tells you about wars and that you should die for God, you'll be in heaven with voluptuous young girls, threatens you with hell if you don't obey his rules, that women is beneath men and some supernatural stuff.
Yasemin, 20, Turkey, now an atheist
The main reason was losing my best friend when he became a Salafi. I tried to show him that Salafism is not Islam, that Islam is about peace and loving others. This is when I started reading the Quran with my head, not my heart. I was shocked with the awful truth that islam is really a violent religion which disrespects women. Deep down I hope he realises the same thing, but I know he won't. Anyway, that's what religion has done best, destroying lives.
Serena, 18, Tunisia, current beliefs withheld
I never said the shahada, so I suppose this is an "aborted very serious investigation."In reality, it came down to female circumcision.

I discussed this with a few people, who started off with "noooo, that is just a regional African thing" but changed their tune once some Hadith on it surfaced. Yeah, it's just fine, but it is optional (but pleasing). I liked praying, I liked the regimentation even, could cover with no problem, but I was easily an angrier person. Gone back to my atheist roots.

Also, there is Mohammed's pedophilia. Can't handle that. I would rather worship a zombie than a pedophile who condones beastiality.
DoNotWant!, 46, United States, now an atheist
Since I was very young, I've never liked Islam, and the reason is the way it dictates the men's treatment of women. They claim to respect women but they don't. I tried to convince myself that Islam is the right thing, but obviously I've failed.

Here are some of my experiences: 1) They say women are not free to wear what they want to wear even if they want to wear something that doesn't expose much of their bodies. They must wear the Abaya and cover their faces so that men can't look at them in a sexual way. Well, that's what I did and I got molested. 2) Women being owned by their guardian such as their father or their husband via the property deed, so Muslim women are someone's property. They are not free to do what they want to do with their lives. They can't travel, study, do surgery etc., without their guardian's approval. That cost me my education and my dream. It can't be more humiliating. These are just a few hints of how they see\treat women.

Another reason is the way they look at non-Muslims. I mean their points of view about non-Muslims is not peaceful at all, yet they continue to claim Islam is the religion of peace.
Rossa, 22, Saudi Arabia, now an atheist
Islam attracted me it seemed so dedicated so organised. I practiced Islam for 4 years and finally left due to studying my Quran. I was so dedicated but with each study I grew further away. One quote in the Quran talks of women with big breasts in heaven as a reward for men. Once I saw that, I new this is a man made joke! I studied the Arabic day and night and soon realized the mistakes and contradictions. No God who was clever enough to make this world believes the sun orbits the earth or sperm comes from the ribs. I thank God he led me to Buddhism, what a truly wonderful way of life. It gives me purpose and meaning, it makes me happy not sad. I feel free. I work on my good deeds, not starving myself or calling others kuffar. I now understand why this life is hell and why God is so far. Islam is behind me however. My husband practices and I pray everyday he will realise the man-made hatred of Islam.
Tila, 29, United Kingdom, now a Buddhist

Other Former Muslims

I grew up Muslim, and until the time I was 13 I never questioned it. My very first doubts came to me around that time, when I first learned what homosexuality was (though I was mainly raised in the US, my parents kept me very 'sheltered'). So after I learned what being gay was I thought it was no big deal and moved on until I realized many religious groups opposed homosexuality in general, and I though Islam possibly couldn't be the same way- well, yeah, it was and is. But I ignored it. Time went by, and as I got older I started feeling rather oppressed since the harsh rules of women in Islam started getting pushed on me (I'm actually gender non-binary, but tough luck explaining that to Muslim parents). Again, I just googled it. And...that pretty much put me off from being religious. But still, my faith persisted out of fear. I finally realized around my 15th birthday that I just couldn't ignore all the moral faults in Islam (which isn't the main reason I'm a non-Muslim today; read: no proof and scientific contradictions). I remember just crying like crazy that night, realizing that my family will never, ever accept me like this. Anyways, since then (1 and a half years ago), nobody in my family still knows (I think), and I'm just waiting for college so I can get up and leave this place so I can live a life worth living.
Vanessa, 16, Bangladesh, now an atheist
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